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His Excellency Mushir Avezamal, Field Marshal of the Caliphate of Awwam, Leader at AverroesIndustries, Founder of MemeKingIndustriesAndMegaCorporation (Defunct), Former SiC of Awwam, Director of Awwami Central Intelligence Corp. First Head Minister of the Ministry of Propaganda WZD, Grand Vizier to Caliph of Awwam, Sultan of Awwam.

Hello! Welcome to my page, here you'll find a large number of builds, mostly part of Awwami Royal Land Forces, some of the Awwami Royal Air Force, rarely the Awwami National Naval Defence Force.

Discord: Tag me and ask me for it

While I am not as active as much anymore, it was due to a lack of time as well Interest. Simpleplanes however will always hold a special place for me, so please, while you're here, feel free to browse through my list of creations.

Rocket tank FTW!

Proud Member of the Command and Conquer Roleplay since 3 Years!