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Why Hello there.
You can call me dots, or nate.
I play mostly on mobile, a Huawei mate 20.

Achievement get! 9th September 2020

Achievement get! 21st November 2020

Achievement get! 23rd August 2022

I am, as of 27/1/2022, on page 23 of the Users section.

I role play as a fictional nation, called Erandia.
The lore can be found here.

Join: Sometime in 2018
Silver:9th September 2020
Gold:21st November 2020
Plat: 23rd August 2022
Get at least 1 feature:
Get at least one post removed: 25th December 2020

I am very active on discord and on QQ. I constantly check the website. (I have no life)

You can find me on discord at ...........#9773
Alternatively, My QQ number is 3634352945

I am a member of:
-Horizon Design bureau
-That simpleplanes WhatsApp group

So, welcome to my account!


History series
A series of 5 builds detailing the history of Erandia.

ERAC-3 Osiris
ERAC-4 Anubis
Caprica class Battleship
M-2 Chupacabra (Unposted)
B-6 Hellfire (No plan to post as of now)

Abandoned projects
Projects that have been abandoned due to technical problems, lack of motivation, or anything else.

CA-24 Buzzard
Christmas tree

Note: Alt account can be found here

SR2 Account can be found here

Join my discord SP and RP server here