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Make the dream devour your life, so that life does not devour your dream.

  • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

  • Oscar Wilde

Account creation : 9/12/17
Achieved gold :
Achieved 10k : 9/5/2020

About me :

I'm a proud FRENCH SimplePlanes builder.
I'm 18.
I have a twin brother who also plays (seldom) SP, @Koengerays.
I live in Lyon, France.
(The red Dot on the map)

Also I HATE memes about France. If you talk too much about baguettes or "hon hon" then we won't be friends.

And if you dare making "France surrender" memes,

I am also the proud co-founder and current President of the C.F.S.P. (Community of the French speakers of SimplePlanes)

Upcoming projects :

- Currently in progress :
  • A. M. Dassault Super-Mystère B.2
  • North American Aviation, Inc. T-6G2 "Texan"

Paused/Almost cancelled projects :

  • SNCASO ( Sud-Ouest ) 1221 'Djinn' Paused
  • Max Holste 1521 'Broussard' from Tanguy & Laverdure (with 1 passenger and a flare gun) Desperate situation
  • Caudron C460 "Rafale" Almost inexistant
  • Douglas XB-42 "Mixmaster" Paused
    *Second prototype, without separated cockpits

Planned projects :
- SNCASO "Vautour" IIN

In the future, maybe :
- F8F-1B Bearcat