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Hi guys. I'm Eternal Darkness.

Here's some stuff about me:

  • I come from Serbia, a country in southeast Europe.

  • I'm 25 year old male.

  • My hobbies are drawing, reading, writing, and sometimes making wooden gliders.

  • My interests are, among others, aviation, shipbuilding, psychology, philosophy, mechanics...

  • Became a moderator on 22nd of August 2018.

I'm the inventor of:

-Underwater prop
-Chaff-flare gun

For those of you who don't know how to make custom control surfaces, here's a tutorial

FunSeries builds

FunSeries are builds that I don't consider to be up to my standard. They are builds made for my personal use. I will be posting them here for you to play with. They will mostly be unlisted.

Congratulations on becoming a moderator! You have won arguments!
- Tully

Ah... Fresh meat!!
welcome to the team!
- Seeras

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Let me let you in on a little secret about Eternal Darkness... He like pineapple on his pizza - Potato Man

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