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Hello and welcome to the fantastic world of Gontar inspiration. We are the creators of this little-known brand, but not for long. We started in aeronautics, with quite normal success for our future then, unconsciously, we switched to the side of the motorized vehicle on the ground, the car. It is rare now that we publish airplanes but we are above all a brand created in the sky. Our goal, to become a strong and globally recognized brand, is all we want.

Here is a list of vehicles you will find in our little world:

-Futuristics Prototypes

We collaborate from time to time with certain brands such as:


We hope that you will satisfy your thirst for adventure and passion with us and do not hesitate to follow us. Add us on Snapchat for daily news.

Snapchat: smartfocus

E-mail: abarchanmarwan53@gmail.com

Gontar, technology, our priority.