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  • Player Power 11 days ago

    I got vaccinated today, so I can finally use 5G!

  • Ohio-class nuclear power submarine 3.0 years ago

    Amazing build! Could you tell me how I can make a submarine dive like this?

  • Akula upmarine 5 days ago

    @Gestour I'm well aware of this. This is not ment as an entry, which is why I put that in the discription. :)

  • 3D Printed my A-8 Aquan D-1 Model! 6 days ago

    @ArkRoyalTheDDhunter I have printed some planes. I'd recommend to just start with some easy stuff.

    This is a link to an aircraft I designed to be easily 3D printable, perhaps a nice first try? :)

  • Crappy test vote thing(also changing name and some parts of desc) one month ago

    I'm pretty sure links are done like this.

  • senario 22 hours ago

    Clearly I'd watch Son of the Mask 50 times... That is literally less than a week.

  • Easily 3D printable fighter jet 3 days ago

    @FairFireFlight My room is located in the attic, so I just took a picture holding the plane out of my window. I was not actually on the roof. :)

  • Lockheed F104 Starfighter Taiwan Air Force 4 days ago

    Nice build! I like it alot!

  • Easily 3D printable fighter jet 6 days ago

    @EternalDarkness Thank you! :)

  • Easily 3D printable fighter jet 6 days ago

    @CAMAE Ye :)

  • Easily 3D printable fighter jet 6 days ago

    @ArkRoyalTheDDhunter Nah, this is a screenshot of a plane in Simpleplanes... I'm just extremely good at photoshop so it looks like I am actually holding it.


  • 205-1 7 days ago

    I really like this build! Very nice. :)
    Keep it up!

    There are some small things that could be improved, though!

  • MV Ever Given 15 days ago

    I was just thinking why this had not been posted yet... Hihi

  • Fire Rescue Ship 'Roodbaars' 21 days ago

    @Gestour No problemo!

  • My flying wing can't pitch up 22 days ago

    I played around a bit to get it to fly better at low speeds. It needs a combination of larger pitch control surfaces and more lift.

  • Airbus Cockpit v2.0 (Read Desc.) 23 days ago

    @MassiveSimurgh I read your description very carefully. My question toward the mods really has to do with how much power, if any, you actually have over if others use some body else's build.

  • AI Boat Challenge (Closed) 23 days ago

    @Gestour I went ahead and build a small ship / boat. I can not test it with the ocean mod, please let me know if it doesn't work. :)

  • Build request, but inverted 28 days ago

    @GeneralPatrick2 You should do whatever you are comfortable with. That said, I highly recommend watching some youtube video's explaining aircraft stealth technology, as it is super interesting.

  • 011H-MR 'Torenvalk II' VTOL Heavy Fighter one month ago

    Thank you @Strikercritsilver

  • Karver IAV one month ago

    I love it!

  • Build request, but inverted one month ago

    I've been having fun designing a small tactical stealth bomber, perhaps you'd find it fun to give such a craft a try as well?

  • Ai SK-2 Fighter one month ago

    Thx @GCPrototypes

  • Can you guess what will be in the next simple planes update? one month ago

    There is two things I am really hoping for, that I also believe are fairly realistic:

    1. A terrain update. I do not think they should drastically change the existing islands, but adding three or four more islands (each with different unique airports) would be amazing already.

    2. Some relatively simple quality of life improvements. For example, a simple navigation system that uses the compas in the same way the wind direction does; give each discovered island a distinct marker which is displayed on the compas, so that getting lost is no longer a issue.

    Ofcourse, it is completely unknown if simpleplanes will even receive an update at all, as the devs have not mentioned anything.

  • Block inside plane body one month ago

    The built in transformation tool is activated by pressing T on a keyboard.

    Personally, I prefer the original fine tuner mod (as I've gotten used to this). You open fine tuner by installing the mod and then clicking on the fine tuner icon in the designer.

  • Block inside plane body one month ago

    Fine tuner.

  • aircraft company in simple planes? one month ago

    @2 I think the movie you are referring to is called 'Sully', which is based on the actual plane crash (landing) of Flight 1549.


  • SA-1 (S.A.Q.A.R) one month ago

    This thing is awsome, it deserves more upvotes!

  • 033H-F3 'Bliksem VI' Stealth Fighter one month ago

    @WisconsinStatePolice, @TriStar101 and @Treadmill103 ; Thank you for the upvote!!

  • AH-64 Apache 1.2 years ago

    Very well build. Both functionally and visually it is impressive!

  • The Lamest Beta Ever 2.1 years ago

    Can you add a built in metric conversion?

  • senario 18 hours ago

    @CooldodgeAirlines I don't really care... 7 days < about 21900 days.

  • Identify the plane 22 hours ago

    Isn't this a version of the Mig-25, turned into a private jet?

  • Just a question 22 hours ago

    Did you type in a working IP adress?

  • Tupolev Tu-16K-26 yesterday

    I like!

    I do think it could really do with some custom missiles, though.

  • I plan to get a new PC 2 days ago

    Build your own PC, it is very rewarding. GPU's are currently extremely expensive, so maybe wait a little while.

  • Easily 3D printable fighter jet 3 days ago

    @Chaka My roommates printer is a Ender V2.

    Also the stuff you see on the roof isn't birdpoop, they are lichens.

  • Easily 3D printable fighter jet 4 days ago

    @redbear89 I guess it is higly dependent on the printer. I have printed some planes with circulair fuselages, but these aren't as easy to print (as it requires carefull planning and the use of supports).

  • COME ON YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make simple planes popular. 4 days ago

    Simpleplane's community is actually fairly small, compared to some other titles.
    I've made some SP video's, this is my channel.

    I need some video idea's, though.

  • Hmm close enough 4 days ago

    This looks great! Keep it up!
    I'm interested in the finished product :)

  • Gun auto shoot 4 days ago

    Not possible

  • What is this autopilot button? 4 days ago

    Autopilot attempts to hold your plane at 0%. Makes the plane completely uncontrollable appart from action groups.

  • Lockheed F104 Starfighter Taiwan Air Force 4 days ago

    @FelixTheDoggo Actually this is completely untrue.

    The J-20 is build using technology from the F-22 program, which the Chinese managed to get a hold off. The J-20 is a copy of the F-22, not in the sense it is the same plane, but in the sense that it uses virtually all technology directly taken from the F-22.

    Prime example of 'you can copy my homework but you have to change it up a little'...

    The Su-57 is absolutely not a copy of the F-22... It is designed using its own tech and has a completely unique design.

  • Easily 3D printable fighter jet 4 days ago

    @Madmaximus No, I can not. It certainly is possible to build that for myself, but without a standardized kit for the whole plane / rc parts there are too many variables for others.

  • Akula upmarine 6 days ago

    @Spitfire2013 Thx! :)

  • 3D Printed my A-8 Aquan D-1 Model! 6 days ago

    @RandomUser09 Cadbury?

  • How do I get rid of this? (FreeCamMod) 6 days ago

    CameraManagerScript..SetCameraFov (FOV you want, default is 60)

    You can use this command instead of having to use the freecam mod. :)

  • Mega Dogfight Tournament! [OPEN] 6 days ago

    Is XML modding of missiles allowed?