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Hello , My Name Is Sulaiman , My User Name Is FairFireFight ,
Give Me A Game , I'd Play It , I'd Mostly Enjoy It .

About My Profile

I Make Replicas That Are Very Simple But Sore The Eye (Even Tho I Hate Flattering My Self) , They Are Most Probably Modern Fighters Or Something From The 60s ,

History Of My Gaming Experience:

I'm One Of Those People That Stick To One Game For Like 2 Years And Suddenly Lose Interest , I Mostly Like SandBox Games Like SimplePlanes And KerbalSpaceProgram

I Started My Gaming Experience Back In 2010 , I Used To Play Games With My Brother On A PS2 , Like PES And WWE ,
It All Changed When My Dad Bought Me A Fujitsu LifeBook (That Is Still Good For Doing Paper Work On Word Even Now!) I Was Obsessed With Space And Plane Games , I Used To Play DCS And Orbiter All The Time!

My SP Thoughts:

Absolutely Great Game !

When I First Got It In 2016 , I SUCCED So Hard , Its Only Until 1.6 With The Part Editor Tool (You Know The One Where You Can Move Parts & Rotate Them) ,
And Even More When I Discovered That This Game Has Mods , With The Fine Tuner I Can Make What Ever I Want, Back When I Used To Succ (Maybe I Still Do Idk) I Only Used To Download Planes , Fly them destroy them Modify them
and most importantly , Enjoy Them!

My Motto Is:
"Less Is More Here" & "The Simplest Of Things Are The Most Beautiful "

Thanks For Being Interested In Me ,
And Fly Safe!