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Hello! Welcome to my profile!

Most of my builds are meant to be relatively mobile friendly so don't expect any excessive detailing or lagging.

Please ask me FIRST about re-uploading my builds BEFORE posting them

I don't do requests, any requests will be denied, except to those that I consider friendly.

Takeoff throttle for my airliners is usually between 40-50% with flaps vtol lever set to halfway down.

I also play SP Multiplayer and my MP name is HanyouInuYasha

Other games I play: Strike Fighters 2, Genshin Impact, Aerofly FS, X-Plane 10, Infinite Flight, Modern Warships, Unmatched Air Traffic Control.

My (mostly dead) YouTube channel

My Discord is Bernard#9016 or pekopon50

25K - October 4, 2020
100K - May 30, 2023