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Hi, i'm Lunar Eclipse

Known as Eclipse, Miss E, The Symbol of Snowstone, or Death Goddess (from all of this alias, i rather to be called Eclipse)

Just your average virtual girl


The house of good quality and low-balanced parts builds, which has never been made or thought before.

A minimalist (or more likely low-partism) builder, making something very low parts, "as low as possible" (mostly surface props and targets).


  • I do not take any request, especially when making some non-minimalist builds like detailed vehicles with cockpits, VR-capable, etc. Except when it's about a minimalist builds like surface props/targets, that's necessary.
  • I'm not always building everytime, so patience is only the way.
  • While requesting is okay, i do not accepting over-request, especially from a same person, please make a delay once your request has out. You probably overwhelming me.
  • Tag request (T in the chat) as well will be ignored, please take advantage of the usefulness of the Jet Stream feature.

List of my creations

In associates and collaboration with KSB24, proudly presents to you.

Eclipse's Part-Efficient Bomber collection

Eclipse's Shipyard

Fanart by @EasternAviation2015

Another amazing fanart by @ShinyGemsBro

Incredible 'piece of art' by @ricesplashwater

My inspiration + "oshi", a fellow low-partism builder - @pancelvonat

Space marine - @BMilan

The man behind the slaughter - @LOGANP117withmachinegun

Korean mad programmer, AI vehicle expert, Jundroo plz hire this guy - @KSB24

Train and car guy, hardliner Maluch simper - @DatTrainAndCarGuy19

Indonesian HMS Warspite - @MonarchiiwithastolenMG

Literally mouse - @TheMouse

Thailanese toilet spirit - @HanakoSan

A fellow notable girl - @Pan

Other fellow girl - @ShiinaMahiru

Another gal - @Fuminoshi

Femboy - @VeroViper

Infamous grain guy - @Graingy

Snowstone civilization manager - @SamuelJamesCastor

Monarchii War narrator - @TheUltimatePlaneLover

The PSM cowboy cat - @Zaineman

Kitty cat - @IzzyTheCat

Futuristic tank manufacturer - @SILVERPANZER

Republic of cused planes - @RepublicOfCursedPlanes

Rules of nature (Raiden) - @ShinyGemsBro

Sussy baka cat - @Rjenteissussy

Majakaja - @Majakalona

One Malaysian weeb - @ZerkkOtakuGuy

Kinda weeb indeed - @ThatKindaWeeb

Senko-san - @Senkopilot

Engineer Gaming - @EngieWeeb

This is a Rob(bery) - @Robomo119E

Eggplant - @Eggplant

Intruder alert! - @Boeig

Potato dealership - @dussts

TVR Cerbera - @BYardley

A person from a convoy - @ConvoyPerson

No automotive related, hardliner Sea Vixen simper - @Speedhunter

Your average police officer from Wisconsin - @WisconsinStatePolice

Heavily armed chicken - @50CalChicken

Skeleton (Bad To The Bone intensifies) - @skely

Local Homo Sapiens (more fellow girl) - @YourLocalHuman

Left to the Right - @L3FT2R1GHT

That hyper car guy - @MrChubs

Inuyasha - @Inuyasha8215

AI plane master - @MAPA

U'RE GOIN' TO BRAZIL! - @Gabriel747

Aeromorph - @Souplane

The weeb department - @TatsuTheOtaku

Futuristic valkyrie contributor - @FOXG

Thirty two - @32

High-partism builder - @L1nus

Another fellow girl in the site - @AkaneToriyasu

Probably a fellow Britain - @WaterFlavoredSpitfires

And much more

And thank you for visiting my mini realm <3