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My name is Karol, at the moment I am 16 years old. I come from Poland and I really like planes. I even make my own flying models with Depron and many other materials. I got to the secondary school for aviation mechanics.
I'm building good replicas of airplanes, bombers, fighters, etc.

List of My Favorites

1.P-51D Mustang
2.B-24J Liberator
3.P-47D Thunderbolt
4.P-38F Lightning
5.B-29 Superfortress
6.A-10 Thunderbolt II
7.B-1 Lancer
8.F-22 Raptor
9.Me 109G
10.Me 262*

Discord KarolloMustang
MY steam: Foxtrot
*Fw 200 Condor DONE
*BV 222 Viking DONE
*''Friday the 13th'' Handley Page Halifax DONE
* Boeing B-29 superfortress DONE
* Bachem ba-349 natter DONE
*''HELL-ER BUST'' P-51D Mustang DONE
*Messershmitt Bf 109G-14 DONE
*Republic P-47D-30-RE Thunderbolt
*Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress
*F-86 Sabre
*Lockheed P/F-80
*P-38 Lightning ''White 33''
*B-24J Liberator


General Motors P-75A Eagle