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everything here is free to use. I like to see that other players
improve my work. But please let me see what you have used my
stuff for (please write @PilotOfFuture in the comments of your version)

Hi, I'm PilotOfFuture.
I pretend to be 20 years old, but I'm 16.
I act like I'm 10 and i have the brain of 5 years old child.
When i don't agree with someone, i shout "you are mean!", then i start to cry and run away.

I've signed in to upload planes wich i like, i hope you will like them too.
I like sciences like physics, chemistry and biologie, also i really like helping people (sometimes i overdo).
At time my favourite plane is the Piper PA 12 (profile picture)
My planes are usually not replications, most they are fictive and modded. Also they are mobile-friendly...
-(thats how i say "i dont care about details").
I'm XML-modder, so if you need a special modded part i will try to help you.
-Click here to vote for random stuff-

Some nice quotes:

Please make war in games, not in real life.
live in peace, not rest in peace

The future of climate:
Australia will be flooded, detroit will be a habour,
average temperature of 80°, winter turns into summer, summer turns into hell

"the problem in the internet is, that you don't know if a quote is true or not"
-leonardo da vinci-

Inspiring texts:


-this sentence is wrong-

it's easy, but it's impossible

it's not allowed to read this sentence

To do list:
1.make a nuke mssile (in the game)
2.get a real nuke missile for christmas
3.make another camera with reticle
4.get a new nemesis
5.buy milk
6.become ruler of the universe

wow, you rally read this bio?