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Image Source: Ninomae Ina'nis

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220618 > Novice controls Wasp (1.11 ver.) released!
220424 > SOLO SURF (SMR-1000R) released!

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220609 > catgirl

220609 > nice day innit

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[building] weeb thing
[gaming] ridge racer 2 psp a.k.a. abuse physics rta 100% simulator

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sui truck


What will you draw in this world?

Hoshimachi Suisei - Her Trail on the Celestial Sphere (Kanzaki Hiro Extended Remix)

"death may be honorable, but virtuous it is not"
~ valley of uhhhh

Imagine that one of the following lines appears in yellow and bouncing next to my username

  • sora aqua
  • womanifying objects
  • mayonnaise is beverage
  • it's just a layer of dust underneath my feet
  • airplane cabin lights, illuminate what's inside
  • will draw the anime girl in your pfp
  • touch some grass -> wwwwwwwwww
  • shares drawing skill with an octopus
  • an incident a day keeps complacency away
  • what is this, an image for ants?

[ Money is no more ]
Touhou LostWord: natania (inactive)
Azur Lane: [EN server] Nataniachan (Avrora, 69833124) (inactive)

Q: Plane for RP?
A: uhh ok

Q: Is there a fictional timeline?
A: There is one somewhere on the web (WIP). It can also be pieced together from aircraft descriptions if you're brave enough. I try not to leave plot holes.

Sketchbook (the "things I'm using for something" section):
idk if i'll use it
Funky trees
this thing looks cool

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