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Image Source: me (full image: pixiv | twitter)

[ Announcement Board ]
240614 > Completed 8 years of operation!
240604 > NAGATETSU SERIES 11000 released!

[ Message of the Day ]
240707 > commander area deniall (intentional spelling)
240624 > new piercing damage build dropped

240623 > :pinched_fingers: ciaora i likuh pi-zza n-pas-ta
240623 > i'm green da ba dee
240622 > she just has a very good cooling fan
240622 > the scarlet rot, malenia rose bloodflame
240618 > age sex location garaiya
240618 > not jakin jakin, yes magical girl
240614 > oldge
240614 > still can't believe devs gave us the ability to perform day one patches on our planes

[ Active Projects ]
stealing technical information from japanese train operators
ace7 schoolgirl project

Aircraft/Subassembly Generators
MIDI to Tone Generator
Image to Label Converter

Building Resources
Funky Forest - my random FT collection
Label format and unit conversion features
Material Number Offset Tool
Remove drag, collisions, etc. quickly with regex

Modding Resources
Sky Editing and Replacement

Math Supplies (not for academic or professional use!)
Bessel function approximations
Tool for determining Torque and Power over Speed

Other Content
Tech Tree (abandoned)

twitter @hpgbproductions - progress images and the occasional cursed image

Additional Content
pixiv ID 31536000
deviantart cmg-simplestuff (inactive)

Other Contacts
Discord: natania#6856
(I rarely check so I will probably miss messages)

[ Some of the images of all time ]


namie vtuber

sui truck


[ Device List ]

PC: Inspiron 7590
- CPU: i7-9750H (2.60 GHz)
- GPU: GTX 1650
- RAM: 16 GB
- SP uses: modding, mass editing and uploading processes

Android: Galaxy S10+
- SP uses: main building processes

[ Radio Station ]

Music to drive at 5 km/h to

[ Some of the quotes of all time ]

"if you're not making art right now what are you doing"
~ wirty chan uwu nya nya

"smile! as long as you're not dead it's a good day"
~ emotional support osean ground unit

[ Money is no more ]
Touhou LostWord: natania (inactive)
Azur Lane: [EN server] Nataniachan (Avrora, 69833124) (inactive)

Q: Plane for RP?
A: uhh ok

Q: Is there a fictional timeline?
A: There is one somewhere on the web (WIP). It can also be pieced together from aircraft descriptions if you're brave enough. I try not to leave plot holes.

(tracking since 22.09.14)

[ Random bookmarked links I may or may not use ]
"Cartoon image of simpleplanes" by factorization20
frame6 controls (aintnoway discord privating images killed this archive link)
strange train starter info pack

[ Cool unlisted posts I made at some point ]

Previously known as AstleyIndustries