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210513 > MID2TGVA released!
210513 > Tone Generator has been updated!


yukkuri nekomiko

suitanHoshimachi Suisei - GHOST

Touhou Project Zero Eurobeat Vol. 1

Touhou LostWord BGM

lofi & chill mix - Hololive music studio

"there are certain bonds that can be forged with poop"
~ powerhouse of the agency

"i am only good at running away"
~ celestial object with high eccentricity

"in war, people die"
~ probably shoots at yellow targets

"sorry, i touch other people too"

  • e p i c gamer (unless it's touhou)
  • konaqua <konaqua!!
  • what is this, an image for ants?
  • good software names can be shortened to eight characters
  • probably addicted to overpriced pngs
  • gonna tell future employers he's multi-talented
  • identifies as a shrine maiden with long wood


Progress Reports
[complete] DarkBlue
[complete] Reimu Hakurei
[??%] experimental MIDI project
- next: file writer (maybe)

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deviantart cmg-simplestuff
twitter @hpgbproductions
pixiv 31536000
reddit u/hpgbproductions (no sp content)

Azur Lane: [EN server] Nataniachan (Avrora, 69833124) (very low activity)
Touhou LostWord: natania
Aero Effect (Google Play): nataniachan

Q: Gib the pfp sauce?
A: Cirno story card!

Q: Plane for RP?
A: uhh ok

Q: Is there a fictional timeline?
A: It can be pieced together from aircraft descriptions if you're brave enough. I try not to leave plot holes.

Sketchbook (the "things I'm using for something" section):
idk if i'll use it
Funky trees
this thing looks cool

Previously known as AstleyIndustries