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  • I identify as an attack helicopter 2.8 years ago

    🌈helipride lmfao

  • Battleship: The Bismark Class 3.4 years ago

    not accident, but on purpose, since i did't wanna make the symbol of evil and did't wanna it to appear on my project @Volksgemeinschaft

  • An Amphibious Assualt Ship For Mobile Users 4.3 years ago

    @Rohan @Beggans

    Dudes come here for the mobile version lol!

  • Sukhoi-33 Flanker-D 1.1 years ago

    lol obviously no problem i think it automatically credits the original author so it's not an issue @ShermanFirefly

  • Sikorsky CH-53E "Super Stallion" (USMC) 1.2 years ago

    if u dig into the aircraft you will probably find the thrust, and i think u can remove the motors simply by removing the propellers on the top. u just need to play w the mass a lil bit as it uses some dark magic @RYAviation

  • Curtiss P-40 warhawk [Flying Tiger__Republic of China] 2.1 years ago

    ROC lol
    tAiWaN nO. oNe
    nice build btw

  • New XML properties 2.5 years ago

    where can i get it? @WNP78

  • New XML properties 2.5 years ago

    do you know how to implement the health attribute using overload? or i have to it manually with xml files. if so where should i add it?

  • Space Station Trade Centre 2.5 years ago


  • Mechanical Watch 2.5 years ago


  • LEGO S.W.A.T team 2.5 years ago


  • Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 2.5 years ago


  • F/A-18F Super Hornet 2.6 years ago

    FA 语,差不多是消灭塑料虫邪教的意思 (阴险)@realluochen9999

  • F/A-18F Super Hornet 2.6 years ago

    FA-18 est degoutant (滑稽)

  • Mig 21 UTI Version 1 2.6 years ago

    also I tried to read the french at the beginning using my pool knowledge but found that there was an english version of the description loooool

  • Mig 21 UTI Version 1 2.6 years ago

    C'est très bon~

  • Ropucha Class LHD 2.6 years ago

    And also I don't USSR had ever had such a decent ship throughout its life :) @Geebers

  • Ropucha Class LHD 2.6 years ago

    Well the name is from the Soviet "Ropucha Class tank landing ship". Basically i used the name because it's an amphibious thing, yet the ship is totally different. @Geebers

  • Type 96 Main Battle Tank 2.7 years ago

    mo bai da lao

  • 1.7 Beta - Round 3 2.7 years ago

    regarding to Joshua's question I don't think that he is suggesting to have a faster speed or any more forces to push the missiles faster. What we all want right now is to have a missile that has better performance (or less pitching diameter, for instance, not sure if I am making sense to you). So I think what he is advising is to improve the performance of the missile. For the speed of the missiles, we are good having maxSpeed so far.
    Also, please consider my suggestion to increase the aiming range of missiles(as well as the detecting range of the radars). That will make air combats in this game more modern, to be honestly.

  • 1.7 Beta - Round 2 2.7 years ago

    now i think i got them fixed lol, but the dampers for springs are still acting weirdly since they are bounding when i loaded the game @NathanMikeska

  • Maximum Battleship Lenin 2.7 years ago

    communism is a great idea xd

  • 1.7 Beta - Round 2 2.7 years ago

    if i am using this feature in overload, under which category should I put this statement? @FlipposMC

  • 1.7 Beta - Round 2 2.7 years ago

    @NathanMikeska one more thing, there is problem going on with rotors, resizable landing gears, and springs whatsoever. I couldn't find anyway to fix my previous aircraft with custom landing gears in the current version, even though they worked perfectly in 1.6. So can u fix that?

  • 1.7 Beta - Round 2 2.7 years ago

    also, i found that when the aircraft is underwater, the explosion of the cockpit can not really destroy the aircraft. Instead, it will only cause the aircrafts rolling in water.

  • 1.7 Beta - Round 2 2.7 years ago

    Hi Mod, just wanna make some suggestions about the new missile and the counter measurement parts. They are amazing, to be honestly. But the adding the those new parts has dramatically changed the game. I feel like that now the fighting between airplanes is pretty much like dog fights, since the missiles can hardly be use because of the counter measurement parts. So can you guys change the missiles and chaffs and flares and stuff so that there's a lower chance to avoid the missiles and missiles can have higher performances and shooting ranges. Also for the new ground missile, it would be better if you guys can add some anti-missile systems to the destroyers so that they are harder to get destroyed. If you guys can do that to restore the balance of the game, I will be really appreciate that.

  • USS 'Zumwalt' Destroyer 2.7 years ago

    lol bruh this thing was like from 2 years ago @IamD

  • 1.7 Beta now available 2.7 years ago

    I'll be super thankful if you guys can change the performance and data for the missiles. Thanks sooooooooo much

  • 1.7 Beta now available 2.7 years ago

    to be honestly the appearance of countermeasure dispensers had broke the balance of the game, since it will be way too hard to hit your enemy from a long distance, which is not the actual case in real life. I don't mean that this game has to be simply like the reality but could you just make those changes so that we modern-plane-builders will have more fun?

  • 1.7 Beta now available 2.7 years ago

    @AndrewGarrison Could you please improve the shooting range and performance of the missiles? otherwise they are just useless decorations due to the change (locking time and countermeasure dispensers).
    If there's no change to missiles, this will simply be a game with dogfight only.

  • 1.7 Beta now available 2.7 years ago

    just two questions:
    1, what does the "close damage" and "show damage" mean?
    2, how do you calculate a part's robustness? Based on its size or mass or something else?

    Thanks sm

  • Shenyang J-15 with folding wings 2.8 years ago


  • HA ppy birthday! 2.8 years ago


  • Oshkosh M1070 heavy trailor + M1000 2.8 years ago


  • BT-7 Light Tank Mod.1937 2.8 years ago

    英语版的wotb配音 @ilmilc

  • BT-7 Light Tank Mod.1937 2.8 years ago


  • JPZ4-5 2.8 years ago

    We didn't even scratch them
    Enemy destroyed!!!
    ilmilc: Affirmative!

  • AV-8B ''Harrier'' 2.8 years ago

    i think i did ;)@realluochen9999

  • AV-8B ''Harrier'' 2.8 years ago

    idk, from its part number yes, but it will be better if you can remove the custom missiles @Mokles

  • AV-8B ''Harrier'' 2.8 years ago

    hehe i didn't receive any advertising fee from them @Tazziedevil04

  • AV-8B ''Harrier'' 2.8 years ago

    lol thats why it's a fictional thing cuz it doesn't belong to any countries on this planet @sheepsblood

  • C62A 2.8 years ago


  • Shenyang J-8 II F "Finback" 2.8 years ago

    thanks, I've added that credit to the description@SHCow

  • Su-35 2.8 years ago

    ni yao de a pu vou te :)

  • Shenyang J-8 II F "Finback" 2.8 years ago

    yeah it is someone else's cockpit, i imported it but forgot it's author @SHCow

  • SSN-21 USS "Sea Wolf" 2.9 years ago

    feel free to do so, just tag me when ur done @JMicah4

  • Weapons Disappearing Under Water? 2.9 years ago

    @Tully2001 @RailfanEthan @Awsomur I'm afraid that you guys didn't know what I actually meat. When making SSBNs I need to add warheads to the missiles, which will need bomb 25 or 50. If they disappear underwater then it will be impossible to make an actual submarine equipped with missiles(which will be made using fuselages and engines).
    For real missiles like intercepters or guardians, I'm fine with them disappearing underwater

  • Fidget Spinner 2.9 years ago

    loooool now it's truly a cancer@FasterThanLight

  • Fidget Spinner 2.9 years ago

    Spidget Finner

  • Weapons Disappearing Under Water? 2.9 years ago


    thanks sooooo much!!