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  • [TOP SECRET] 9 months ago

    Mission Failed

    Your secret was blown.

  • SimpleDoom High Graphics 7 months ago

    Congratulations on Three Developers Upvoted!!!!!

  • Smol C17 9 days ago

    From P L A N E
    To "plan"

  • Ferrari F40 [Fixed] 10 days ago


  • KCC RC Ai Racer one month ago

    (R.I.P BadahhMuscleCar001's main account 🪦)

  • Himmel BF-500 10 months ago

    Underrated Smoothness.

  • what happened to foxG one month ago

    If i can dare to express my idea here, to prevent this happening again and again, the website's account delete method should be changed. Like when whoever (either real owner of account, or the hacker who try to delete other's accout with bad intentions) try to delete the account, it should took several day or a month before the account completely deleted.

  • Empty Forum - Nothing To See Here 2 months ago

    @BYardley @FlyingPatriot Drive 🚗

  • SimplePlanes 2 Announcement Trailer 2 months ago

    I wish the car systems get more realistic on there, because old SP didn't... D: (what am i wishing to plane simulator????)

  • Ok wtf SP 3 months ago

    It can certainly happen when you saved your plane again when you uploaded your plane already.
    You can easily solve this problem by fix its XML Adress as same as your plane's link currently uploaded.
    I wish this Example Image could help you.

  • Yoga van 3 months ago

    If Lenovo Make the Car instead Laptop:

  • Thairung TR MUV4 4 months ago


  • Hyundai Elantra AD 2017 4 months ago

    Wow Hyundai !!!!!!!

  • [unfinished]tsumugi shiraishi ssr06 5 months ago

    @SchweizerLuftCorporation i'm not sure will the Chinese peoples using Samsung devices which is made by korean company..
    But Samsung didn't ever made powerful devices much to handle something like this. (It's just they put crazy camera on mobile......)
    Anyway, i'm scared 😱

  • M113 APC Ai Racer 5 months ago

    @CR929thenewSPplayer it's nice, but please wait for just a hour or two! (Post limit)

  • SALEEN S7 Twin Turbo 6 months ago

    It is Good Chance to Let Everyone Know My Dream car.. XD.
    It's a Small, but Charming one. That is Newest KIA Picanto (Korea domestic version called "Morning").
    Because.. Suddenly a day around 2017, mom came back home with bringing this car. Mom resell this car just in one week later, but i still remember me and my mom enjoyed this car. Again at 2022's December, mom and i gone to the Kia Dealership and buyed 2022 Morning(Picanto) Again. I enjoyed this cool compact car, but 33 days later, my mom has resell this car (again) to hate this car so much... i wish my family's financial situation be better, and got this cool car again, but it seems my (or my family's) destiny never allowed to be having a "New" Car..

  • [Ground Target] Target 6 months ago

    "Thanks for the target practice, ya plump bloody freakshow!!!!" - Sniper

  • Fighter Hen 7 months ago

    Danger!!! ⚠️⚠️

  • Big Freaking Crane 7 months ago

    Simple Construction Simulator 2024

  • Disqualified Pencil 8 months ago

    Best Looking Jet With Out Fuselage.

  • Floating Kawachi - Gold prix 8 months ago

    You Summoned A Car, But You Changed the Model From Car To Battle Ship 🚢 ⚓️

  • @32 8 months ago

    It's very

  • Ai Gold Prix Racer 8 months ago

    First, when i received some request from my friend to make ai that can drive around Wright airport(he said it was something like as Kendog84 has made) it was three months ago, so i decided to learn(it's almost like steal) some FT skills by trying to disassemble His awsome Ai truck.
    But, it doesn't helped me at all.. because it was too hard to understand even one thing in my brain. I almost gave up and decided not to make something like that.
    But still, one side of my mind keeps telling me to make an ai that can drive itself. Because it's too cool thing to give it up..
    So was thinking every day and night how, and what is the best way to make an exact Coordinate Tracker. Durning that, recently i made a visualized TrackerCore using Label, and It's helped alot to make a Coordinate based Target Tracker(TrackerCore). And Finally, i made some successful and almost Highly Accurate Coordinate based Target Tracker. Maybe there's many incorrect in my English, and hard to read. But i'm glad to tell you these things!

  • Simple Hyper 10 months ago

    @MAHADI Actually this picture is Fake, Because i'm android user. so i can't NEVER EVER take a R T X Screenshots,isn't it? But i can "make" the kinda thing. This is the original Picture that i Captured at Green screen Map. make a additional background layer(half opacity), Adjust the contrast of picture,cut and save the car layer, and put it back again where the car already.
    Make a Fake Car Reflection using Car Layer, add some blur effect to prevent looking unnaturally, but still something are not enough, so i additionally put this high contrast car layer in to the fake Reflection.(Don't forget to add blur effect there agian)

    and the Final Resault is the picture that you're seeing right now!

  • "SPIRIT" (Glass Tank) 11 months ago

    POV:after you killed a tank yesterday, and when you visit there again..

  • German Car 4 days ago

    It's just Simple Hyper with Additional body kits, which i'm planning to upload later. (it was inspired from Porsche 935 racing car.) but maybe it would be delayed a bit, because a lot of other reasons (one of them is, as soon as i load it, my phone's temperature is just INTENSIFIES.. 🔥)

  • Simple Drift Simulator 14 days ago

    @Lwillswith2sentryguns also how even quick you are?? 🏎🌬

  • It's time for a new name... one month ago

    Simple Horizon 2??? 💀

  • Why I like simpleplanes more than any other 3d blender one month ago

    Just like as you do, i also, and we're all also loving simpleplanes very much

  • Ai Pilot (Follow) Bush Plane 2 months ago

    @BadahhMuscleCar001 will it fine if i remove all the interiors & ft codes already exist??

  • I ruined ur pfps pt. 1 2 months ago


  • Challenger Ai Police 2 months ago

    @windshifter1 thanks for got interested, it would be very fun and sounds exciting! but making a Ai that "following us" is something easy, but haven't anyone (if i'm right) ever designed a Ai that "fleeing from us". and.. actually, i also have no idea how should i design them.
    But wait! If we look at the old Need for Speed Game, we can find that there's an Ai that were programmed to "fleeing from us".
    But I think, even their Ai's were are able to drive by the "designated route" only. so if will we make the "suspect Ai" that running away from us, it should be Based on a lot of thing of Ai racer.
    Because as i think, if we let them just run away with out some advanced codes, then Ai would immediately crash into somewhere..
    And maybe if i made this Ai, it shouldn't that greatly different with Ai racer, as i expected.

  • FRONT PAGE! 3 months ago

    @PrussianAirlines build a nice & cool creation, upload your build, and wait for the people to upvote your build. But remember, after 5 days (120 hours) since you uploaded the post, then that post will lost its opportunity to get on front page.. 😱 😱 😱
    But don't worry, there's unlimited chance to get on front page!

  • [Touhou] FS-495 "Flandre Scarlet" 3 months ago

    Also, enjoy the Forza Vista inspired camera motion while you leaving the jet. XD

  • [Touhou] FS-495 "Flandre Scarlet" 3 months ago

    Oh yes QRated

  • Hmmmm?? 3 months ago

    And even tough the beginning of the Simpleplanes was "Plane simulator", today it's the best program to make Realistic Driving System and enjoying Sheer Driving Pleasure (what???) coming from it. I feel thank to the jundroo to let this game exist today 👍 👍

  • The Beast 4 months ago

    @001 i tried at early ago, but it jump scares me so often 😱

  • MIKE Eren Ai Racer 4 months ago

    @Stealth117 Block 🚫 ing the Moderator 💀

  • 2012 Toyota Camry NASCAR COT 4 months ago

    Cola Rolla 💀

  • what's your favourite shade of red..? or any colour really, BUT NOT STOCK COLORS 4 months ago

    Sees a word about "Red", Clicks with out hesitation
    I just normally use the #FF0000 code all the time! It is perfect to put it on black/dark gray background (i fall in love with this color match since my age 12/13..)

  • I'm Recently Focusing On Artworks - BIG Simple RIGS Extra Assets 4 months ago

    It's kinda feel very "New Game"!! ☆ㅅ☆
    And i'm amazed with all these arts and back stories

  • [Dodge challenger] 4 months ago

    This is exactly my childhood favorite car! (that "childhood" was just 7 years ago.. Lol) I still remember myself making this car on another PC sandbox game.. 😱

  • GT-R beast mode 4 months ago

    Undefeatable GT-R (for real)

  • Bifrost 4 months ago

    I hear something "Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan"

  • GP-001-2009 [PLATINUM SPECIAL] 4 months ago

    @WritersCrusadersAirCo @001
    ⚠️: CompatibleMode Isn't some Game Chaging thing, it's only just prevent the Transmission system work incorrectly on low physics

  • NIKUNA OG Kaiju-35 Ai Racer 5 months ago


  • [Clickbait] Simple RC Car 5 months ago

    This is cool OwO

  • 1970 Plymouth Superbird Ai Racer 6 months ago

    "Aircraft Ai Racer" 💀