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"the quote goes here"

--- jamesBoa

status: very active


  • my name isn't James
  • i'm almost 14
  • i'm planning to take pilot course
  • my gender is... no, you're not a cop
  • i like ww2 tanks and planes
  • my favorite plane is the P-47
  • my favorite tank is the T-34/85

Leader of 55th airborne combat group (almost dead server)

games that i like (and/or play)

War Thunder
Ravenfield (favorite)
Minecraft (i'm a veteran)
I played fortnite, but i lost interest on it
i played SW battlefront II, but i lost interest in it too

goals (not in a special order)

  • get silver: unknown lol

  • get gold: 16:00 2 august 2019

  • get platinum: N/A

  • become a moderator (because I am very active and I adhere to the rules) N/A

I don't do roleplay

favorite planes

this precious spitfire

favorite pictures

USS slim's fleet

Ammo Racked

Destroying P-51s

Snowstone base, preoaring for mission


things i don't like

  • Epic Games
  • trash music called reggaeton
  • getting ammo racked in WT lol
  • moderators abusing their role (it's immature and isn't good)
  • babies... (not offense pls)