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The names Falcon2468 (old username was Falcon2456). I mostly build tanks and other types of military ground vehicles that are mostly from WW2 and early Cold War.

Favorite tanks
Generally anything German
The American M4 series
Soviet KV1 and KV2
Soviet T-34 series
American Patton series

Favorite Planes:
Me 262
Just to name a few

World of Tanks Blitz username: Falcon2480

I'll usually only build tanks and other ground vehicles. They usually have about 100-200 parts sometimes over. I don't except to get many up votes, but hope to get at least a few. Even if I get 10, 11, 12 upvotes, I still look at that as an accomplishment.

Future Projects:
M26 Pershing
M46 Patton
M4 Sherman Firefly

Projects I'm working on:
PanzerJager Tiger (P) Elefant
Bm-13 Katyusha

Top five builds:
5: Panzer VIII Maus: 11 upvotes, 79 downloads
4: Panzer V Panther: 12 upvotes, 62 downloads
3: Beach Defense: 12 upvotes, 97 downloads
2: T-34 (1940): 12 upvotes, 101 downloads
1: Soviet Multipurpose Soda Can: 16 upvotes, 42 downloads