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Hey everyone!
Im from Greece and I can say for sure that I am a flight and aircraft enthusiast.
I like to create fictional aircrafts for real-life missions.
Rotorcrafts, fighters, trainers, heavy cargo aircrafts, anything a modern Air Force needs.
I like to write detailed descriptions for my aircrafts and give them an interesting background.

I have founded a fictional aeronautical company called "HARPIA Defence Systems - HarpiaDS", which appears in almost all my projects.

HarpiaDS is currently a premium partner in the Joint International Aerospace Corporation (JINTAC) alongside Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hindustan Aerospace Limited (HAL).

HarpiaDS has, for now, 3 separate Divisions: An Aerospace Design Division (ADD), an Aerospace Engine Development Division (AeroEND) and a Weapons Systems and Sensors Division (WSYS) which are contributing to the final projects.

Check out my designs and have fun.
Feel free to use anything you want and mention my help if you like.

Here below is a list of my most successful aircrafts and their promotion banners:

CV-26S Nessus

KC-54M Gaur

C-52B Super Gayal

F-54A Serval

A-9M/A-2T Liger MkIII

A-5G Super Kudu

Coming soon......