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Hey everyone!
Im from Greece and I can say for sure that I am a flight and aircraft enthusiast.
I like to create fictional aircrafts for real-life missions.
Rotorcrafts, fighters, trainers, heavy cargo aircrafts, anything a modern Air Force needs.
I like to write detailed descriptions for my aircrafts and give them an interesting background.

I have founded a fictional aeronautical company called "HARPIA Defence Systems - HarpiaDS", which appears in almost all my projects.

HarpiaDS is currently a premium partner in the Joint International Aerospace Corporation (JINTAC) alongside Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

HarpiaDS has, for now, 3 separate Divisions: An Aerospace Design Division (ADD), an Aerospace Engine Development Division (AeroEND) and a Weapons Systems and Sensors Division (WSYS) which are contributing to the final projects.

Check out my designs and have fun.
Also, I am open for requests regarding SP roleplays or build requests.
Feel free to use anything you want and mention my help if you like.

Here below is a list of my most successful aircrafts and their promotion banners:

AF.11 Jaguar II
RAF variant Jaguar II GR6
Armee de l' Air variant AF.11N MK2N

CV-26S Nessus

KC-54M Gaur

C-52B Super Gayal

F-54A Serval

A-9M/A-2T Liger MkIII

A-5G Super Kudu

F-29/F-3EJ Raijin