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  • QM-8 Target Drone 7 months ago

    It looks like a sausage launcher...

  • Porsche 956 (CRS-14) 7 months ago


  • TK-5 10 months ago

    Everybody gangsta...

    Till the tank start boatin

  • RADAR 1.1 years ago

    Ok just saw this nice

  • McDonnell-Douglas AV-8B Harrier 1.1 years ago

    Better than Lockheed Martin's F-35

  • Navy 2 months ago

    casually increases impactDamage on the cannon

  • Enderdragon 5 months ago

    When u unlock the boss as a playable character:

  • A Cockpit 7 months ago


  • ACS-59 10 months ago

    This plane is so fun lmao

    1.do a Sully
    2.get the nose down underwater
    3.apply thrust
    4.break the game

  • CCTV 1.1 years ago

    Use a hollow fuselage in a build put a cockpit inside it make it smaller use the Screen and use the instrumentation Hud as an overlay put some more for realism boom cha cha real smooth

  • RNSS-01 1.1 years ago

    @Gavin2009 it works so don't cry please. BTW why don't u try to make an electric aircraft let's see how that will turn out!

  • Lamborghini Aventador 1.2 years ago

    That buggy is the biggest lad ever

  • Alternating Lights 3 months ago

    2.7 years ago...

  • Ronald McDonald Delivery 7 months ago

    What if god was one of us?

  • Vil F-30 M 7 months ago

    @Subnerdica its an SU-35B Warthog

  • Mi-26 carrying...a Lego brick! 7 months ago



  • Mendeleev Tank (UPDATED FOR 1.9) 9 months ago

    looking thicc tho

  • Thomas The Dank Engine 9 months ago

    Bro look at that UNIT

  • Su-30 9 months ago


  • Su-30 9 months ago

    Massive credit for @JetFighter for making an absolute beast of an aircraft

  • Dreamer island one year ago

    Why is every map with a realistic kinda airport not available on android lol

  • X-Ray one year ago

    @Keesler oh

  • X-Ray one year ago

    @Keesler yo woody sorry about your face bro what happened
    Btw good mod

  • Boeing 737-300 1.1 years ago

    So i have been making the engine on the 737 200 which is used now with the flat bottom thing and you are telling me you already did it dammit

  • Boeing 737-700 1.1 years ago

    Can it do a cobra?

  • SimpleWings 1.1 years ago

    @MOPCKOEDNISHE uhm when i do a perfect cobra just as you did with the unstable flanker it only showed the tip trails even when u put it on another flanker which can do a cobra without the simple wing when u turn on "wing only for effects" its just the same result

  • Su-30SM Flanker (Super-Maneuverable) 1.1 years ago

    I added some other weapons to it
    Its also pretty easy to land too

  • The Ultimate Guide to Editing XML 1.1 years ago

    Here are some more options for all air to Air and Air to Ground missiles
    1.lockTime:X (i recommend 0 for no lock on time)
    2.minRange:X (Set a minimum range for the missile set to 0 for no minRange)
    3.maxRange:X (set to high number for 10 miles range of the missiles)
    4.maxTargetingAngle:X (increases targeting/lock on circle size)
    5.maxSpeed:X (increases speed) duh..
    6.maxFuelTime:X (increases max distance travelled of missile)
    7.maxForwardThrustForce:X (increases the max thrust force works great with maxSpeed)
    8.maxHeadingAngleAdjustmentRate:X (creates a smaller turning circle? When enemy takes a sharp turn)
    9.maxVelocityAngleAdjustmentRate:X (i really don't know what this does so just insert a high number)

    10.Make sure to type it correctly just as i did it's kinda caption sensitive?(idk what its called im dumb)

  • Parachute Problems 1.1 years ago

    I actually only realized that after i weaponised the vertigo which was after an entire week of dying of pain on how to attach a damn cleaver on to the wing

  • JTS9 1.1 years ago

    That actually sticks out tho

  • SimpleWings 1.1 years ago

    Im on android and when i turn on all trail options i only see the tip trail!
    Just little explanation could help thx!

  • Rockwell X-31 - Thrust Vectoring! 1.1 years ago

    "Unlike any other planes you've flown" Well i've flown the SU-37 on the game before soooooo....yeah.

  • SU-37 Terminator Thrust Vectoring 1.1 years ago

    Do a flat spin with this i dare you
    Edit: NVM i figured it out on how to do a flat spin just go slow af but not too slow and then just yaw to a side

  • SU-27 Flanker 1.1 years ago

    Haven't tried it yet can it do a Cobra?

  • Boeing E-7 Wedgetail (1:1scale) 1.1 years ago

    @PikachuPL5 AG1 that's all u need

  • Amethyst 1.2 years ago

    The alien race should be called:"The Simpsons

  • Kugelblitz X-14 1.2 years ago

    Did u know a joke can go wooosh?
    Well this plane goes mach 2

  • F-35D Lightning II 1.2 years ago

    The only downside is the bottom cuz it looks like my flat minecraft world
    But other than that this plane is looking thicc

  • PAK-TA 1.2 years ago

    Bru that sneek peek spoiled the entire plane lool

  • Patrol/Attack Boat 1.2 years ago

    Looks so awesome

  • Weaponized Xanthus 1.2 years ago

    Its kinda messed up a bit the (landing gear ) and stuff the little legs break when u land to hard thats why i left the original one on it just in case

  • JTS8 1.2 years ago

    A random wing