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I’m the editor-in-Chief of the SimplePlanes Weekly, a forum-series highlighting the week’s news and best planes.

I also sort-of invented the “type T to be tagged” idea, but like the dab it’s origins can’t be identified for certain.

Aside from that, I make bad planes. XD

Invasion of my personal life:


Manlier than Chuck Norris (not really)


You perv.

Just kidding.
Let’s just say I’m older than most of you here


Central Florida, United States. It’s stupid hot here.


Besides SimplePlanes, I like Minecraft and Forza games. I also love Star Wars, Star Trek and Marvel. I’ve got some Transformers love in me too.

Favorite Plane.

The Antonov An-225 Mriya, former largest airplane and current heaviest plane ever built. It can carry a freakin’ space shuttle!

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-The Awsomur