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<== What ever number it says there for how old my account is please subrtract 5, as my account was not active for five because of email issues when I first made it!


Number one goal: reach 10,000 points by the time of my first post! done

Get 19,000 points befor Christmas! (Dec-25-218)

Reached gold on 9-7-2018 at about 7:30 CT (also reached 40 followers)

Real Biography-

Well, thanks for stopping by and checking me out! A little something about me. Huh, let me think... ah! I play this game called Simpleplanes and build a wide variety of aircraft and other cool, fun, and amazing tools or planes! Ummm, somthing eles... I never knew it was so hard to wright a description. Well let’s see... I’m a Boy Scout in the USA and I am a very new but big lover for aviation! I plane to fly cargo planes or airliners of some sort, I also whant to get my dream plane that is called the SF-50 Vision Jet. That’s about me, and if you have any questions just ask, I get about 30 notifications a day (JK) so it might take a bit for me to respond but I will!


“When someone higher than you leaves, it makes a new spot for you” -ACEPILOT109

“In order to fly, you need to take off, in order to take off you need to move forward” -ACEPILOT109

“The two worst alarms to hear in a plane are the GPWS (terrain terrain pull up) and the stall alarm...” -ACEPILOT109

Favorite Plane!
- L-1011 Tristar


I have made a discord server for new players in the game to get help, feedback, and even share there links with other people. You don’t need to be new to join, I think we need some platinum users and I hope to see you there!


Well that's my biography and if you don't like my planes, we'll, just don't download them!

YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Caption John, want to see some sneak peaks of new builds? Ideas? And just hang out? Consider subscribing!