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PZL M-15 Belphegor

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The PZL M-15 was a jet-powered biplane manufactured by WSK PZL-Mielec in Poland for Soviet agricultural aviation. For its strange looks and noisy engine it was nicknamed Belphegor, after the noisy demon
The aircraft was designed in Poland[5] in response to a Soviet requirement for a new agricultural plane, for use above the very large areas of Soviet farms, the kolkhoz collectives, and state-owned sovkhoz. A requirement was that the new aircraft was to be more modern and efficient than the Antonov An-2SKh and An-2R. Poland had already produced the agricultural Antonov An-2R under licence for export back to the USSR, and agricultural planes became a Polish specialization within the Comecon. The Soviets insisted on the use of a jet engine in the new aircraft, and also participated in the design process.[5] The chiefs of the design team were Kazimierz Gocyla and Riamir Izmailov.[5]

In order to research new problems connected with using a jet engine in a slow agricultural biplane, an experimental plane Lala-1, for Latajace Laboratorium 1 ("Flying Laboratory 1"), was first built in Poland and flown on 10 February 1972. It used the whole forward part of an An-2, together with its wings, while the rear part was cut off and replaced with a frame construction, housing an Ivchenko-Progress AI-25 jet engine (as used on the tri-engined Yakovlev Yak-40 and the single-engined Aero L-39 Albatros fighter-trainer).[6] The Lala-1 was equipped with agricultural devices, and its testing helped inform the design of the M-15

Controls :

Normal as other Planes
VTOL : Flaps
AG1 & 2 : Doors



General Characteristics

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  • Wingspan 70.5ft (21.5m)
  • Length 42.7ft (13.0m)
  • Height 16.5ft (5.0m)
  • Empty Weight -121,627lbs (-55,169kg)
  • Loaded Weight 11,310lbs (5,130kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 5.96
  • Wing Loading 18.6lbs/ft2 (90.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 609.3ft2 (56.6m2)
  • Drag Points 6991


  • Number of Parts 202
  • Control Surfaces 8