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I’m not in SPMC anymore, so now I can act as ”childish” as I want. :)

About me:

Since my gender is aeroplane, I’ll structure my bio like my aeroplane descriptions.
I’m 16 year old middle earther, Antonov AN-2 lover, bush plane fanatic, Trent Palmer fan. I also learning to fly gliders irl, and have completed almost 100 flights. I’m solo in a DG-1000, ASK-13, Grob 103, and a Ka-6. The longest flight I’ve done lasted 3 hours 1 minute.


I build propeller aircraft. Mostly bush planes. Man I love bush planes! I want to be a bush pilot one day.


I think I’ll fill this with building tips in the future.


I’ll have to find my favourite.

Enjoy my aeroplanes!