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idk I just find this stuff interesting lol


I made this account on the 2nd of Febuary 2015!
I've been playing SP since about a week after it first came out!
I've had a couple of accounts before this one which I have forgotten the password to. I've even forgotten the username for my first one 😅

I build overly detailed crafts that nobody can run! :D
All of my crafts are fully functional and fly as accurately and realistically as SP will allow. I try to do a full and complete job on my builds, getting them as accurate and as detailed as possible, without going too overboard :)
Er, well, maybe I do go too overboard lol.

I'm also the person who's historically been the most active. Nobody has made more comments on this site than I have. Is that sad? Idk XD

Irl I'm from New Zealand. Other interests include art and design, aviation, cars, tramping, photography, engineering and machining!

Ur mom

>>Link to Instagram for SP pics and build updates<<

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