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Trees to meet you!

I made this account on the 2nd of Febuary 2015!
This is my 3rd account, as I forgot the password go my second one (hence jamesPLANESii), and completely forgot the name of the first!

I build overly detailed crafts that nobody can run! :D
All of my crafts are fully functional and fly as accurately and realistically as SP will allow. I try to do a full and complete job on my builds, getting them as accurate and as detailed as possible, without going too overboard :)
Er, well, maybe I do go too overboard lol.

"Most people forget that as soon as we are born, we are marching towards death. Life is obsurd, but you can fill it with ideas, with enthusiasm, and you can fill your life with joy"
–Reinhold Messner

>>Instagram for SP pics and build updates<<

Previously known as jamesPLANESii, Dad, jamesPLANESii, JamesieMcPlanesieThe2st, AN2Felllla, jamesPLANESii