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Hi, I'm Tatsu

Discord ID: TatsuTheWeeb#8326

My Fictional Company:

I like making rare aircraft types in sp and design aircraft that I personally drew on my sketch pad, im not that good at making jet fighters, most of the drawings turn into aircraft designs for the VHI(Volksian Heavy Industries) and the VADC(Volksian Aircraft Development Corporation).

I love the following:

The Russian design philosophy
Anime of course
My dog
My online friends


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Basic xml

Change the FoV: //MainCamera>camera.set_fieldOfView x

Change the color: //CameraTarget>>Camera.backgroundColor 0.5,0.5,0.5,1

Glideslope finder: DebugExpression "(10252 + Latitude) / (675 - Altitude)"

Flaps: smooth(round(clamp01(-VTOL) * 2) / 2, 0.35)

Landing Gear Doors: -clamp01(ceil(smooth(clamp01(GearDown), 0.22)))+1

Landing Gear: clamp01((smooth(LandingGear, 1) -0.7) / 0)

Landing Gear hinges that allow the landing gear wheels to turn: clamp01((smooth(LandingGear, 1) - 0.000001) / 0)

Previously known as r1Username, r1r1theusername, 016Hiro, LeviTheCleaningFairy, TatsuTheCleaningFairy, TatsuTheDemonLord