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DM-21B "Bee"

2,145 Danisito014  3 months ago

The "Bee" emerged as a variant of DM-21F "Mel" at the request of a light supersonic bomber with high range of action.

It is equipped with four pumps and two fuel tanks of 120L each.

Its main role is played in the desert where it can be camouflaged very well; It can also land on an aircraft carrier although the lack of a tail hook only leaves the landing on aircraft carriers for more experienced pilots.

GROUP 1: Afterburner.
GROUP 2: Nav lights.
GROUP 3: Drop bombs.
GROUP 4: Flaps/Landing lights.
GROUP 5: Cockpit lights.
GROUP 6: Drop tanks.
GROUP 7: Nose radar open/close.
GROUP 8: Activate/Deactivate nose gear.

Touch GROUP 4 and use VTOL to extend / retract the flaps.
Touch GROUP 7 and use VTOL to open / close the nose radar.

Set flaps to 50% to take off.
Set flaps to 100% to landing.



General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 48.0ft (14.6m)
  • Length 67.0ft (20.4m)
  • Height 22.0ft (6.7m)
  • Empty Weight 37,492lbs (17,006kg)
  • Loaded Weight 48,479lbs (21,990kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.973
  • Wing Loading 34.1lbs/ft2 (166.3kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,423.5ft2 (132.3m2)
  • Drag Points 11375


  • Number of Parts 361
  • Control Surfaces 13
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    2,145 Danisito014

    DM-21F "Mel"
    Its predecessor.

    Pinned 3 months ago
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    Dat cockpit is gud! 0_o

    3 months ago
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    Very nice, but is grossly underpowered

    3 months ago
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    1,696 Davjlee

    Super tech! Good job!

    3 months ago
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    21.7k Mustang51

    Damn this is actually incredible! Awesome job man! The cockpit view in fantastic

    3 months ago
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    Super cool! It would be a little better if it had...custom control surfaces

    3 months ago
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    9,213 JED

    Very Nice! 👍🏼 Works well even when parts are shot of by those evil destroyers (lol)

    3 months ago