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Artist, Designer, Musician, Technician, and more... I have always had a love for engineering and Aerospace in particular; however, I love all things physics and enjoy creating in various physics based environments depending upon the platform.
I do the dominant portion of my work w/o mods, especially those that directly affect performance (engine power multiplyers, etc..) to keep my builds universally available to just about everyone.
I will, however, occasionally use a mod for a build due to design requirements or simply because it can be a lot of fun! I am ALWAYS open to ideas and suggestions. I am also, ALWAYS, looking for inspiration so please do not hesitate to make a request (ask for a specific type of aircraft, etc.., and I will do all within my power to achieve said build).

* JLX projects in development / testing *

JLX X2 Air Superiority Fighter "Lightning" - final testing phase. To be released 7/8 to 7/9.

JLX V-Wing A1 Attacker - Multirole aircraft with variable wing adjustment etc.. currently in development and testing. Will revolutionize JLX standards for attacking aircraft.

JLX Tiger AA/AG Armored Assault Vehicle - Early stage development. (Look for smaller ground based SAM / AA units as a part of testing and development towards larger projects).

JLX Warbird MR-A - Early stage development.
JLX Warbird MR-B - Early stage development.
JLX Warbird MR-C - Early stage development.

JLX Bandit V/wing Fighter - Testing currently.

JLX AA/AG Weapons System(s) - Several variations in development and testing phases.

JLX Ballistic Missile (ICBM-A1) - Early stage development.
JLX DC1 Bomb (Deep Core) - Testing

Check back often for updated lists of projects. Many projects will be "previewed" prior to final design and release. This is a welcome time for anyone to offer design suggestions etc.

* Feedback on model performance (issues, glitches, etc..) is strongly encouraged. *

The JLX Nighthawk Bomber / air to ground attacker is currently back in development. The turn ratio, though slow is purposeful and allows for a very stable aircraft. The Nighthawk Bomber can make gentle course adjustments making bomb targeting much easier for the pilot. The revamped Nighthawk will also include additional countermeasures for defense, making up for a slower turn speed. In addition, the aircraft will also possess additional firepower in terms of guns, missiles, and torpedo armaments. Definitely not an aircraft to be taken lightly.