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Artist, Designer, Musician, Technician, and more... I have always had a love for engineering and Aerospace in particular; however, I love all things physics and enjoy creating in various physics based environments depending upon the platform.
I do the dominant portion of my work w/o mods, especially those that directly affect performance (engine power multiplyers, etc..) to keep my builds universally available to just about everyone.
I will, however, occasionally use a mod for a build due to design requirements or simply because it can be a lot of fun! I am ALWAYS open to ideas and suggestions. I am also, ALWAYS, looking for inspiration so please do not hesitate to make a request (ask for a specific type of aircraft, etc.., and I will do all within my power to achieve said build).

I've been working on some interesting projects as of late; slowing down on my upload speed while putting ever more detail into the models. I have a couple of different general aviation models, some airliners (including what I call a SuperLiner), and some off the wall models as well. Check back soon!