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Welcome to Stormfur Industries!!!! Here I alone build planes and Other random things from Fantasy battleships to planes SO SIMPLE they get 0 downloads. But I am improving my simple ways starting with the F-16(aka My first 100+ part all mine creation). But however i will get popular eventually. And that may not happen today or tomorrow, but Stormfur Industries will be among the top manufacturers of aircraft and the most active players known to simpleplanes.

"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough."

Stormfur Naval Corps Announcements

the Coast Guard Naval challenge will open on 3/3/19. More details will be released on a later date.

Stormfur Aviation Announcements

The 2019 Air Assault challenge is open

Stormfur Line Under construction


-F-16 Tiger meet (first edition jet posted)
-F-22 Raptor (That gonna b Cool)

Well i am just a American 10th grader that likes Engines, tanks, planes, and trains.

I despise the Toyota Prius and anyone that drives them

Electric engines are for wussies

V-8s are my thing