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Jello Aircraft Corporation Basket Case Mk.1

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Auto Credit Based on Hyattorama's Jello Aircraft Corporation Basket Case Mk.1 current1

The Jello Aircraft Corporation Monoplane Mk.1 was J.A.C.’s first attempt at a monoplane design. It was first flown in 1911, and quickly became a favorite of pilots due to having relatively docile handling characteristics for the time while remaining fairly maneuverable. It earned the moniker “Basket Case” due to its open frame structure and the tricky takeoff roll. For takeoff, increase power to 100%. The tail will come up at 45 mph, and the plane can be lifted off into a gentle climb at 50 mph. For climb and cruise, it is recommended to leave the throttle at 100%, though you can throttle back some if you see fit. Landing is pretty much foolproof due to the front guide wheel. Quick shoutout to @Hyattorama for help with some parts which required xml modding and for helping with the cockpit controls. As always, feel free to give feedback and constructive criticism!
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General Characteristics


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.121
  • Wing Loading 7.2lbs/ft2 (34.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,153.8ft2 (107.2m2)
  • Drag Points 5520


  • Number of Parts 350
  • Control Surfaces 4