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Hi, Chancey21 here!

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Some stuff about me:
-I am a Christian, most important thing in my bio and life
-I love STOL and Bush Planes
-I love bullet points
-I love civilized debate, I always learn to see the other side better
-I go overboard on all of my designs and treat them like real airplane projects
-Favorite song: anything by twenty-one pilots
-Huge fan of Trent Palmer and Flite Test
-I usually Spotlight all challenges
-I don’t block anyone. Ever.

Platinum obtained on June 4, 2018


Tesla Model X- 95%
Martin Bluebottle II 95%
Mike Patey’s “Scrappy”- 5%
Martin Explorer II- Delayed indefinitely

Possible Future projects:

Scrap Heap Ultralight (you'll see) still would be fun
2021 Ford Bronco
Baja Bug (You'll see)