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Ah...Salutations my children, I am a person (probably). I make experimental weapons, aircrafts, and cars. I especially like to build replicas though i dont build many (im gonna build more in the future)...Feel free to request a build though i might not a build it but it will give me ideas. I am also governer and air force commander of a region in the fictional SP country Federal Republic of East Snowstone (F.R.E.S.) and CEO of Fÿsh Aerodynamics Incorporated. Make sure to check out xGeneralFischx, MRMDAWURM, and dubbleL (they are friends of mine).

Fÿsh Aerodynamics Incorperated Official Forum

Kelpy G

Also delay between posts may be a while because i have a busy life. (And because im lazy

My favorite plane, the F35:

Thats all...