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Hello there, And welcome to CustomAircraftMods, where I upgrade already built planes and create new planes from unfinished parts. (There creators are awesome and you should also check them out) No this is not a real company in real life, just to make that clear. Heck, I’m not even intending to get my pilots license. But then you may think, but CAM, why do you play Simple Planes? Well, it’s because since a very young age, I’ve been fascinated with aviation (WW2 especially) and sick of the cheap games on mobile. Also, even at my age (a teen), I now am focused on a job in the Aeronautical Engineering field,If not the air force, and building planes in SP helps very much, especially since it gets me thinking creative for school. I have had Simple planes since it basically was available, however, it was not until as of November 12, 2018 that I was finally able to create an account. The rest is to be told.

A few fun facts about me!
Favorite song: Aces in exile by Sabaton
Favorite foreign song: workers of Vienna
Favorite plane: F4F Wildcat, B-25 Mitchell, AV8B Harrier, PBY Catalina
Favorite tank: M24 Chaffee, ISU-152
Hobbies: Legoes, World of Tanks Blitz, Simple Planes (In world of tanks blitz, you can find me as Betankful)
Favorite Sports team: Steelers