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Hello there! Welcome to CAM, or CustomAircraftMods! Here on this account, you may notice that about 90% of my planes are based on someone else’s plane, which is true. This is due to the fact that I sometimes have a specific thing about a plane that I may want to add or fix. Thus, many of these planes so far are actually upgraded and up-powered versions of their predecessors. Anyways, let me give some background info. I started playing on November 12, 2018. I’ve been playing SimplePlanes for much longer than this however, as from a young age, I have loved aviation and I have been focusing on a job in the aeronautical/ aerospace industry. SimplePlanes has helped very much with this, and I am very happy with the direction I’m going in. But, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for a few people, including an awesome person called Jello Aircraft Corp. JAC welcomed me into the game from the start, and has supported/ helped me in many ways through my journey to where I am right now. So thank you to Jello, and check Jello and his airplanes out, their pretty darn awesome.
Also, as a side note, THANKS FOR BRONZE!!!!!

A few fun facts about me!
Where I’m from: Ohio, USA
My dream vehicle/ car: Toyota Tacoma
Favorite song: Aces in Exile by Sabaton
Favorite foreign song: Workers of Vienna
Favorite plane: P-39 Airdobra, F4F Wildcat, B-25 Mitchell, AV8B Harrier, PBY Catalina
Favorite tank: M24 Chaffee, ISU-152
Hobbies: Legoes, World of Tanks Blitz, Simple Planes (In world of tanks blitz, you can find me as Betankful)