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34.6k REW  5.7 years ago
Auto Credit Based on REW's Boeing747-8i

The V2.0 of my previous 747-8.
I also made a FedEx livery:

1.better flexable wings!!
2.redesigned the fuselage.
3.redesigned the engines.
4.changed the length of landinggear and wheel size.

VTOL for flaps.
Trim for Trim
"G"Key for landing gear.
landing with 40-45% throttle and watch your sink rate.

Have fun !


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Boeing747-8i
  • Successors 21 airplane(s) +91 bonus
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 233.2ft (71.1m)
  • Length 260.3ft (79.3m)
  • Height 65.7ft (20.0m)
  • Empty Weight 183,481lbs (83,225kg)
  • Loaded Weight 183,481lbs (83,225kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 1.653
  • Wing Loading 42.1lbs/ft2 (205.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 4,357.2ft2 (404.8m2)
  • Drag Points 145402


  • Number of Parts 791
  • Control Surfaces 5
  • Performance Cost 3,839
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    2 months ago
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    34 ImSimon

    Very noice can do good butter and is very epik

    6 months ago
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    @Bjxdsszldldldld ok

    7 months ago
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    how to be asiana 214
    step 1 : approach the Wright at 55%
    step 2 : when you near the runway throttle 34%
    step 3: b e a s i a n a 2 1 4

    7 months ago
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    u h Simpleplanes? bruh

    8 months ago
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    There is the fedex livery

    +1 1.7 years ago
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    120 CB76565

    @REW Aww dude ur pfp is so cute

    1.8 years ago
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    3,298 Subnerdica

    how does it feel to have a plane featured in a commercial for the game

    +2 1.9 years ago
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    4,560 MongooseZiya


    +1 2.0 years ago
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    252 DuckPak

    Amazing and super real

    2.9 years ago
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    rew great plane btw

    3.4 years ago
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    but can you do me a favour can you
    Stabilize the plane it goes left when take off please fix.

    3.4 years ago
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    0 B777

    @CruzerBlade take off or go high speedd wing flex starts!

    3.7 years ago
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    Ree I made it have weapons I’ll do this to have the 747 8l to fly.

    3.8 years ago
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    165 Oooo1

    Love it also love how you have to kiss the ground like in real life because if not I crashes

    4.2 years ago
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    12.8k CruzerBlade

    Anyways, how to make the wing flex?

    4.3 years ago
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    12.8k CruzerBlade

    It's over 1 years old and i found this masterpiece in the random search

    4.3 years ago
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    19.2k ACMECo1940


    4.6 years ago
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    So beautiful!

    +1 4.8 years ago
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    @saturn28 yep. This killed my old tablet. That is why I have this RCA.

    5.0 years ago
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    613 PilotWill

    WOW, I cant talk.

    5.0 years ago
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    Could I use this Aircraft in my company on here? Very nice aircraft, I'd like to use it as sort of a dream lifter for the aircraft we make for the company . . . Is that okay?

    5.1 years ago
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    669 Hennerz

    It doesn't say 'this plane is huge and may not run well on ur device' but I crashes my game as soon as I load in to the place where u can fly around but there's no lag or any thing in the garage

    5.3 years ago
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    This thing looks stunning btw

    5.4 years ago
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    Could you do a global freightways 747? That would be great! :)

    5.4 years ago
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