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There is nothing to worry about...

Hello,I am a Cantonese student who study in USA, NJ

14 years old now

I can only speak a little Cantonese, my Cantonese is poor :/
Now I‘m studying Spanish.
¿Cómo está?

Close Friends:
Rank according to official website. yes, they are all Chinese.

Favorite Music: VI. Waltz 2 from Jazz Suite No. 2 (Eyes Wide Shut)
Favorite Drink: Red tea
Favorite Band: Lyube
Favorite Book: <The Selfish Gene> by Richard Dawkins
<Stray Birds> by Rabindranath Tagore

I love Science Fiction
I love planes with grey color

Things I'm interested in:

  • Physics
  • Science and Technology
  • Mechanics
  • Weapons
  • Drink Red Tea
  • Collecting FountainPens:

  • BirdWatching:
    (Little Heron’s Family)

My Excellent CreationS:(Clickable)

Fictional Cannon
Fictional Bomber
Fictional Aircraft Carrier
Fictional Drone
Fictional VTOL Attack Aircraft
Fictional Helicopter
Fictional Space Tug
Fictional Roadster
Fictional Submarine
Fictional Fighter
Fictional Crazy Vehicle
Fictional Robot
Fictional Tank
Fictional Railway System
Fictional Airbus
Fictional Destroyer
Fictional Rifle

Chinese Forum&More Information About Me Please Click Here~

My Personal Events

I started my journey of Simpleplanes
at first, I just want to create an FA-37''Talon‘’
then, I found the real pleasure of this game, it‘s not just a game

I shared a street food station, get150+Upvotes, become my highest-point creation

My FA-37’‘Talon’‘Mark-II completely finish!

(someone said I might be the 4th Chinese who got the platinum)

Just then, I really interested in Guns, so I created a couple of guns
Shotgun, SniperRifle, MachineGun, Carbine, Rifle...

Start to research how to make a beautiful shape of a fighter
Sci-Fi style is the main direction

Addicted to StarWars
I made two types of command shuttle of SW
Achieve great success
then, I started my biggest project: Make a full-scale ISD in SP
with a lot of detail

From Germany to China
Submit my ISD
(2134Parts, 60%Complete)
to be my Parting Gift
Say goodbye to Simpleplanes...

Formal leaving 11months
Because I have to face a very big exam
Called "The Examination Of The Middle School"
I have to focus on study
BTW, I do well in study, I do well in social, I do well in Simpleplanes
I always do...
but I felt stress, I almost breakdown.

After the exam
I have time to do something I really want to do
So, I continue to improve my skill
try to do better

Start to play <Call of Duty>
get some Sci-Fi inspiration from that game
created some Sci-Fi creations on Simpleplanes

Gradually forming my own style
Prepare for another challenge

So far, I really appreciate my friends who always accompany me
I will do better Tomorrow...