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There is nothing to worry about...

Hello,I am a Chinese student who study in USA, NJ

I love Science Fiction
I love planes with grey colour

Things I'm interested in:

-science and technology
-Drink Red Tea
-Collecting FountainPens:

(Little Heron’s Family)


My Excellent CreationS:

Fictional Cannon
Fictional Bomber
Fictional Aircraft Carrier
Fictional Drone
Fictional VTOL Attack Aircraft
Fictional Helicopter
Fictional Space Tug
Fictional Roadster
Fictional Submarine
Fictional Flighter
Fictional Crazy Vehicle
Fictional Robot
Fictional Tank
Fictional Railway System
Fictional AirBus
Fictional Destroyer
Fictional Rifle
Kylo-Ren's Command Shuttle
Darth Vader's Command Shuttle

Chinese Forum&More Information About Me Please Click Here~

I love Simpleplanes
There is nothing to worry about...