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winter but it's without physical snow, only particles

97.3k RailfanEthan  4 months ago

ok chief

you got a big Geep

beep beep it's a geep

(pls tell me i'm not the only one who read that as a kid)



head up the line and move snow


you know, smoke trails work on AI stuff right


kinda cool

you know what else is cool?

not explosions


ok sometimes theyre cool, like here


so as some of you know i'm working on a ALCo S4, it's coming along pretty good. I've finished the main body, it just needs a interior. I'm gonna upload a unpainted scheme unlisted, and have like 3 or 4 different paints as well. The unpainted one will be for anyone that wishes to make their own paint.

Yes, it is low part count currently. Very low. Like, it's under 200 right now. I'll add recent pics in the morning, i haven't snagged any yet.

until then, enjoy these two images


i made a simpletrains discord, lemme know if you want in. cough link on my previous forum
oh and check the stash. i think if anyone needs some cool backgrounds for their computer and likes trains, you might use one of those. probably not a boxcar tho lol