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Yee Haw Expansion

97.4k RailfanEthan  6 months ago

Besides cranking out a pair of Boxcabs, I've uploaded 6 other trains today. As the title suggests, some of them are American Old Western styled cars. Here's what I got:

-Logging cars
-Set of 3 flat cars
-New color scheme available for my Old West Coaches (Green)

I should also mention that those flat cars are 84 parts each, making them incredibly lag free.

Along with those, I've refined my patriotic ML-8 into more practical paint schemes. It comes in red, blue, and green. Besides changing the color, I've set the max speed to 50mph (better than 175), added about 10,000lbs to lower the CoG which improved cornering, added a horn, and of course magnets.

You can view all of them here, along with more compatible trains.


Tomorrow I'll make a Old West styled tank car like this and continue work on the Hiawatha. After that, Maine Central 470 begins.