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A new tank and a New organization[Teaser]/ [Anouncement]

13.0k Botfinder  one year ago

Well it's been a while since I posted a new tank (the Reworked M8A2 apex dose not count) and thinks it's time to resurrect a old tank I worked on.

Backstory: approximately 2 years ago I built a Tank called the MBT-1 Zeus which TBH was a Disaster (yet again I wasn't as skilled as I am now), the Zeus had so many design problems and was out of proportion. (So let's fast forward to this week) about 2 dayes ago I ad a idea that I was going to overhaul the M8A2 apex tank with a new turret, but when I was working on it the idea hit me... why don't I work on a new tanks (after re working the engine configuration and altering the chassis), after looking around I thought it was a great idea to Resurrect the disaster of a tank called The Zeus.

The full name for this project is the M17A4 B Zeus Main Battle Tank.

Here's some pictures I got of the project:

^this color is temporary^

^here's the abomination that was the Zeus MBT-1^

Also for a announcement:

I decided to open up an New PMC/ Weapon development Organization called Talon enterprise.

They develop Air/ Sea/ Land based systems, provide humanitarian aid, and private security services. Also in case anyone ask, No were not like The Atlas Corporation (from Advance warfare) we aren't a superpower for hire.


Translation of the phrase in latin: defense, protection, Comfort