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"not dying beats dying any day"
~ not no.2

"the enemy is amogus"
~ hollow inside knight

Makes numerous mediocre builds, FT, and mods.

Also epic Ace Combat 6/7 and Aero Effect gamer.

Not very epic Touhou gamer, only has ever beaten imperishable night on easy modo smh my head

Progress Reports
[complete] Flight Recorder
[final] PT2

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tech tree

SNS/Art Sites
deviantart cmg-simplestuff
twitter @hpgbproductions
pixiv hpgbproductions (31536000)
reddit u/hpgbproductions

Azur Lane: [EN server] Nataniachan (Avrora, 69833124)
Aero Effect (Google Play): nataniachan

Q: Who's that?
A: the strongest 9 ball

Q: Why are some images missing?
A: DeviantArt/Wix and imgur broke something, newer posts may use my own data storage Discord server for their key visuals.

Q: Plane for RP?
A: uhh ok

Lore can be pieced together from aircraft descriptions if you're brave enough. I try not to leave plot holes.

Sketchbook (the "things I'm using for something" section):
idk if i'll use it
Funky trees
this thing looks cool

Previously known as AstleyIndustries