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  • Untitled 7 months ago

    thanks for reposting the rules, I had forgotten where to find them

  • SP needs more trees 11 months ago

    Some actual funky trees.

  • A380-841 Singapore Airlines [SQ] 9V-SKV one year ago

    I'm just gonna be honest, and I apologize in advance.
    The looks are awesome, specially considering it took you 3 days to make it and you built it on Android, but...
    - The rudder is inverted.
    - The yokes turn in oppsite directions when rolling.
    - The roll rate is incredibly slow.
    - The control surfaces' deflection angles are quite exaggerated, tbh.
    And many other things like the wobbling/screeching landing gear (which can be fixed by lowering forwards traction of the wheels.), the unrealistic acceleration (fixed by having a pretty small amount of drag (use parts with disabled drag when building)....
    You could have fixed some of this things, like the inverted rudder, very easily.
    I just say this so you can improve and avoid making such mistakes in your future builds.
    Anyways, nice looking plane, but you could have spent more time on the functionality.
    Ps. I'm quite surprised that nobody mentioned any downside of this nice looking build.

  • Pray for my PC. 1.3 years ago

    plug it in

  • H-002 1.2 years ago

    You should add more screenshots to the post.

  • M.Corp ACV-1 Bullfrog 1.6 years ago

    How to create this kind of wing:

    Have the leading edge block taper towards the tip;

    Adjust the triangle block so that its front side is as tall as the wing should be thick at root and be zero units wide. Rear side should be as tall as the wing tip is thick and as wide as the wing is long;

    Place front end of the triangle block onto the leading edge block so that it points forward, and align the point with the root;

    Adjust "run" and "length" of the triangle block to fit the leading edge block;

    Add custom control surfaces to the rear of the triangle block on rotators;


    I have added another block to the rear of the triangle block to get a smoother airfoil. That is recommended but not mandatory. Fuselage inlets flipped onto their sides are recommended for custom surfaces in order to give you trailing edge sweep by editing inlet angle.

  • Hello 1.2 years ago


  • Tupolev Tu-14 "Bosun" 23 days ago

    a bit disappointing that the turret's bullets go almost 3000 times the speed of sound, but the rest is very good for its part count

  • parachute delay one month ago

    x is the delay, change Activate1 for whatever AG it is, put the input in the activation group field

  • Desperately Needed Fix to the Undo Button 11 months ago

    What if the undo button undid iself?

  • Apple logo one year ago

    "Created on Android"

  • Combat Update? one year ago

    What I think:
    FYI, what chaff countermeasures do irl is actually distract radar guided missiles, since they're clouds of metal shrapnels that reflect radar signals.
    So it's not unrealistic that they "distract" radar guided missiles.
    It would be cool to have a bit more realism and/or customization options, but I think this game is mainly meant for fun, not full realism.

    "This isn't really a request cause tbh its just a side project to an indie game (SR2)."

    Uhhhh, did you know that SR2 came way later than SP?
    Regarding some of the suggestions:
    - Multiplayer...
    Only computers can run it fine, and there's already a mod that every computer user can download, but it would be nice if it was implemented ingame and improved.
    - Procedural stuff:
    If you want it so much just play SR2 or make it yourself, lol.
    - Decals, camos, effects... :
    Stuff that would be nice to see but would reduce the game's performance on less powerful devices.
    - Scale issue:
    1 IRL metre equals 2 Fuselage block units, just use that to make vehicles to a correct scale.
    And why would you even use stock planes, tbh, lol.
    Sorry if this might have sounded rude, but it's just my opinion.

  • Useful FT codes 11 days ago

    might wanna put the first one in bold instead of `` to fix the problem with comparison characters

  • How do you get featured? one month ago

    if it's a very high quality build, make at least one teaser and upload at a good time, it's probably gonna be successful

  • Nissan 350Z template 3 months ago

    oh yes, I have an rc version of this sexy car

  • Mobile users recording videos lol 4 months ago

    you forgot the 10 fps

  • How User Recognition Influences Upvotes 9 months ago

    The main reason I upvoted QingyuZhou's post was to congratulate him for reaching 200k, not really the build, and I'm pretty sure many others did the same as me.

  • Mitsubishi X-2 10 months ago

    Looks great but flies pretty bad, to be honest.
    The roll rate is just insane, specially at high speeds, the pitch is wobbly, I also saw it has some sort of FBW, but it doesn't work really well and it seems like the flaps don't do anything other than look cool.
    Anyway, I like how it looks but a good flight model would have made it much better.

  • How to make a throttleable rotator for custom propellers or rotors 11 months ago

    I haven't messed with the sum() function yet, but isn't the +sum(0) part kinda useless?

  • Boeing-Saab T-X one year ago

    Beautiful plane, but you should have disabled collisions for all moving parts since the sound is really annoying and the landing gear explodes when retracted.

  • What's the most annoying thing you experience when building a plane? 1.5 years ago

    changing the blueprint offset values in designer suite and accidentally deleting half the plane.

  • Condor Aviation Kite FGR.3 2 months ago

    The aesthetic rudder is inverted

  • How to get rid of rotator wobble? 2 months ago

    damperMultiplier --> 10000
    rotator page, number should be very big (1000-50000)

  • Me-262 Cinematic! 2 months ago

    looks pretty good, but lacks actual action (not just flying around, shooting at nothing, and dropping bombs on the ground). I'd like to see aerial combat, take-offs, landings, ground attacks...

  • My first legitimate modern fighter-- F/A-18E 2 months ago

    It's looking quite good, but here are a couple of important inaccuracies I noticed:
    - You took the leading edge extensions, slats and airbrake (as 2papi2chulo already mentioned) of the legacy hornet
    - The small tubes between the vertical stabilizers are a bit too big and too high

    here's a comparison which will you help a lot
    looking forward to the release!

  • Lockheed F-104G Starfighter 3 months ago

    @SavageMan A very interesting characteristic of the 104 was that it wasn't stall-limited, but pitch-limited, it would only be able to stall when flaps were down or at a very low airspeed. Also, the ailerons maximum angle was 20 degrees with gear down and 9.75 degrees with gear up, which might explain the low roll rate at slow speed. The rudder also helps a lot with rollrate though.
    Looking forward to see yours!

  • Custom Landing Gear? 5 months ago

    floor(smooth(clamp01(LandingGear), 1/a)) delays input when activated, ceil(smooth(clamp01(LandingGear), 1/a)) does it when deactivated, a is the delay in seconds

  • 2 Cylinder Engine 7 months ago

    you could get rid of most lag by setting the projectile lifetime to 0.01 or something like that

  • GC-2 7 months ago

    actually first lol

  • Sorry... 10 months ago

    As long as it flies good, I don't care how much you delay it, to be honest.

  • How to make a boat turn without jerking back to the original position? 11 months ago

    Put a wing part more or less in the middle of the ship, because SP doesn't simulate body lift.

  • hinge movement after a certain speed? (Funky trees) 11 months ago

    rate(RollAngle) * clamp01(IAS>x)
    x is the speed above which it activates.

  • I found this really cool feature...(possibly a teaser) 11 months ago

    Yes, with a piston with Fuel as input connected to something with mass.

  • New tag suggestion: Gold 11 months ago

    A bit pointless for such a specific thing, a "special" tag would make more sense.

  • Untitled Goose Hunter one year ago

    Angry duck noises.

  • McDonnell Douglas FA/18C “Hornet” 4 hours ago

    F-15 thunderbolt II

  • Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 30 14 days ago

    @ChrisPy I've flown it many times in DCS and seen real footage, I think I know at least slightly what I'm talking about, I'll leave two recordings below.
    20 degrees isn't hard to hit if the stall speed and pitch authority are correct, I've made many flight models which can sustain more than 40 without thrust vectoring.
    I respect 2Papi2Chulo and think he's both an excellent builder and person, my intention was to show him things that could be improved, for the best of his future builds, and he nicely appreciated my comment.
    I don't want to be taken as hostile, lets please keep our conversation civilized.

    @ChrisPy @ChiChiWerx
    Digital Combat Simulator

  • Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 30 15 days ago

    You have improved a lot, the exterior looks excellent, the cockpit is stunning despite its simplicity, and the flight model is good. I see you did at least a bit of research (flaps, cockpit instruments, etc.), which is awesome.
    However, it would be much better if half the instruments didn't have visual glitches, worked correctly, and the plane could pull more than 4Gs at 300 knots (pitch authority way too low, I assume you did this to keep loading at high speed at realistic numbers, but you could have reduced pitch authority as speed increases instead).
    The real thing can pull up to 26° AoA, this barely gets to 11 at 100 knots or 4 at 300ish kts, (because of the pitch authority, once again), which also makes the plane bleed no energy in turns, something that planes do a lot at low and medium speeds.
    Stall speed feels a bit too low, but that's just nitpicking lol.
    Thrust, speed and rollrate are good, which is nice to see.
    What most annoys me is the flight path vector, it just doesn't work like that, all you had to do is use the variables AngleOfAttack and AngleOfSlip, not pitch angle and whatever else you used.
    tldr: plenty of small flaws, excellent other than that, big improvement over your previous builds, looking forward to whatever you've got planned next, I recommend you ask someone to test it before uploading (I volunteer).

  • "The Widowmaker" 15 days ago

    why widowmaker?

  • My Problem is that i Don't know Where to start When Building a Plane 16 days ago

    start with the fuselage, continue with the tail and cockpit, then move on to the wings, and finally, the landing gear

  • F-80 Shooting Star 16 days ago

    looks good... flight model is.... ugh
    I'm justn gonna say the most important and huge flaw: top speed, can't go faster that 515 km/h at sea level, which is little more than half the real thing's top speed, is it really that hard for you to build with dragless parts and add some drag at the end?

  • Uploading builds with TOO MUCH INFO AND PHOTOS 17 days ago

    Quite sad that people only care about giving the upvote and not about the build itself

  • [IBIS] Capung Biplane 17 days ago

    @Defalt1 why would I block you for that lol, I'm gonna stop now

  • Fw-190 A-5 26 days ago

    the instruments still work like they did on your previous release (with many errors), but very nice livery and mostly good flight model.
    Aside from that, trimming doesn't change the elevator position and there's surface fighting on the top of the engine cowling.
    Whatever you used to modify air resistance depending on gear position is inverted, so you can go faster with gear lowered than with it retracted.
    In conclusion, even though you missed some things it's a lot better than the previous version, nice to see you improved it!

  • A340-300 Iran Aseman Airlines one month ago

    I suggest you start posting these as a successor, circumventing the successor system is not a nice thing to do to the creator of the plane