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  • Republic P-47D Thunderbolt (Senta A Pua) 1.4 years ago

    S E N T A A P Ú A

  • AndyCar Mk.VI 2.2 years ago

    wow, cool

  • 14-Bis one month ago

    @ErichVonLudendorff O primeiro avião funcional foi o Flyer, que podia voar em todos os eixos, como um avião convencional. A primeira versão do 14bis apenas dava pequenos saltos.

  • Dodge Charger 1970 R/T 1.5 years ago

    Probably the best creation of the site

  • Leopard II A5+(With interior) 2.1 years ago

    This tank deserve more upvotes

  • Crown Victoria Interceptor 2.1 years ago


  • ADI Test 2.7 years ago

    Awesome Job

  • Gloster Meteor F8 (Senta A Pua) 7 months ago

    show 👍

  • lockheed martin F-35B 11 months ago

    how much time did you spend on it?

  • Bell AH-1W SuperCobra 11 months ago

    @Armyguy1534 Thank you!

  • KL-7 Super Ninja one year ago

    gostei mto da estrutura da fuselagem

  • A-25 one year ago

    Pretty similar to Brazilian-Italian AMX A-1

  • Yangtze Submarine one year ago

    Oh really? Lol I made this quest yesterday

  • Probably this is a really dumb question 1.2 years ago

    @Empanadinho ok, te desejo sorte para a capinação de mato kk (Brincadeira, por mais que seja isso aí mesmo q vc mais vai fazer se não tiver ingressado por concurso)

    mas eu definitivamente não entendo porque você continua voltando aqui, acho meio creepy, só respondi por educação (agora esse comentário foi sem educação, eu sei) você me conhece?

  • Probably this is a really dumb question 1.2 years ago

    @Empanadinho feliz aniversário. não, não estou aqui, não jogo mais. Até achei estranho chegar notificação desse jogo na minha caixa de entrada, Pq?

  • Probably this is a really dumb question 1.5 years ago

    @Empanadinho Não, você não está bloqueado.

  • AH-1W Super cobra 1.5 years ago

    Random explosion? For me, nothing happens with my heli.

  • Probably this is a really dumb question 1.6 years ago

    @ThePilotDude oh okay. Thx.

  • Nazi Biplane 1.6 years ago

    @HistoricBirds Well, my last two planes were posted on the first page of the site; that is, unlike this biplane, they had visibility, and I think the Bf-109 has a chance of going there too, so I want to be sure that it will not have nothing wrong with it.

  • Bell AH-1W SuperCobra 1.6 years ago

    @Empanadinho não, só to com desânimo pra postar.

  • Bell AH-1W SuperCobra 1.7 years ago

    @Empanadinho mods.

  • Rally Championships 1.8 years ago

    ... Android? :(

  • A6M ZERO 1.8 years ago

    @Empanadinho ta bom ue

  • Underwater Missiles? 2.0 years ago

    I'm having this same problem sooo... could you find a way to solve it?

  • Blow up Ice Base From Wright Isles! 2.0 years ago

    My dude, amazing.

  • RVNAF AH-1 Cobra, hackk custom 2.2 years ago

    What exactly you changed?

  • Bell AH-1W SuperCobra 2.2 years ago

    @Hawkeye156 1400 Parts, That's a cool replica. :3

  • F-35B JSF Lightning ll (STOLV concept aircraft) READ THE DESCRIPTION 2.3 years ago

    Awesome, I really liked that replica

  • SU-27 Flanker 2.4 years ago

    @SharpShooter1301 thx

  • What Army would you chose? 2.6 years ago

    @Ihavenorealideawhatiamdoing in my opinion, in a direct combat, the F-22 would have no chance against the more advanced fighters in Russia, such as Su-57 and Su-35, because they have a much greater maneuverability, and can carry more missiles, but in the long distance combat, the F-22 has the advantage of Stealth.

    PS: You said that the United States has the F-14, but you're wrong, a decade the F-14 Tomcat is already out of service

  • BREAKING NEWS!!! Boeing to buy Embraer! 2.6 years ago

    unfortunately for Boeing, and fortunately for me, the President of Brazil said that he will never allow the sale of Embraer... the market is free, and I am 100% Capitalist, but I confess that I would be very sad if Embraer was bought by Giant Boeing, considering that McDonnell Douglas simply disappeared after its sale, the same would happen with Embraer, and this would probably inflict a lot on the aeronautics engineering sector in Brazil, and if Boeing decided to reallocate the factories to the United States, this will increase the unemployment rates in Brazil, which is already very high, not to mention the fact that the military industry would collapse because Embraer holds the largest pearls of Brazilian military engineering, such as the A-29, KC-390, EMB 312 Tucano, and I could also cite the modernization of F-5E fighters, which made them capable of shoot down fighters like the F-18E/F Super Hornet, as demonstrated in UNITAS training in 2015 .

  • AKH-100 Dominator 2.6 years ago

    Cool design

  • LTP-28 (Dogfight challenge) 2.6 years ago

    @Empanadinho Vi sim, agr não precisa mais me chamar pra nd ok

  • LTP-28 (Dogfight challenge) 2.6 years ago

    @Empanadinho ?

  • SU-47 Berkut (With 3D Thrust) 2.6 years ago

    @Ryn176 Thx :3

  • LTP-28 (Dogfight challenge) 2.6 years ago

    @Empanadinho isso é falta de bom gosto, ou Realmente gostou desse avião horroroso q eu fiz??

  • LTP-28 (Dogfight challenge) 2.6 years ago

    @Jacobdaniel It's ugly, but I think he's good at what he's been made to do.

  • F-59 2.6 years ago

    Cheio de peças caindo qnd da play, e ta desonesto.

  • M.Corp T-5 Cadet 2.6 years ago

    Nice plane, the front is very similar to the front of the IA 63 PAMPA

  • dogfight challenge closed 2.6 years ago

    When will the next challenge be?

  • Chengdu J-20 2.7 years ago

    @Empanadinho Uhum

  • BR-Ventura 2.7 years ago

    @Empanadinho De nada

  • Embraer A-29 Super Tucano USAF 2.7 years ago

    E estética de seus aviões são muito bem feitas, mas acho que você deveria dar mais importância ao desempenho deles, até um trem de carga é mais ágil que o seu Tucano.

  • F-8E Crusader 2.7 years ago

    @TMach5 Thx :3

  • Darsa Industry VF-19D Caliburnus 2.7 years ago

    Wow awesome

  • Chengdu J-20 2.8 years ago

    @Dimkal Thx :3

  • Viper MK II 2.8 years ago

    @N124Hawk Yes, skis are fully functional, And I do not see any problems with modifications :)

  • AV-8B Harrier II 2.8 years ago

    @Tang0Down thx!

  • Abyssal-1 Drilling platform 2.8 years ago

    This looks good on Dogfight.

  • Viper MK II 2.8 years ago

    @Frostx27 lol Battlestar Galactica was created in the 80's