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Welcome, friend

Name's TheUltimatePlaneLover, or TUPL for short.


Behold my greatest flying objects yet
That A-40B is quite fearsome, served in the Monarchii War with only 3 air-to-air losses and 0 complete airframe losses (read the story for more info)

Anyways, I am TheUltimatePlaneLover.
I made the name when I was like 10 but it just stuck like glue lol
But I do love planes

And of course, I make planes, lots of planes, tanks and ships too sometimes.

I made this T-90- I mean Shock MBT

Excuse the massive effect usage, I just learned how to use fonts and images in text (outdated)


I make designs that are sometimes outrageous, such as this here Lagwing, Penultimate Ohio Sky Boss
So uh

Very active, commenting frequently and making aircraft, currently working on Red V Green and the Siren War.
Also making aircraft for @Monarchii's PEA series. Also accidentally started the Sabrehog Crisis.

FUN FACTS (because who doesn't love fun facts?)
-I use scratch for editing screenshots for custom thumbnails
-I once attempted to surmount the legendary German Corsair with a British Zero. That meme got bombed before take-off harder than the German Blitz.
-The A-40 Havoc II is my best aircraft as of now, and despite my improving skills, I doubt any of my aircraft will surpass it in the near future.
-Well, except the A-40C (just an upgraded A-40B)
-However, despite its name, its design actually draws inspiration from the P-38, B-29, A-9, F-16, F-15, and a little bit of A-20.
-Special thanks to TheMouse and Monarchii for helping me become more skilled at the game, you two deserve a cookie 🍪🍪
-How to make da plane do da up
-PEA B-1B is my most upvoted plane. J2M3 got outdone, but PEA dominance remains!!!!

Here's some pictures

Green Team B-30A Warscreech looking menacing in this picture...

A-26B at dusk, I love dusk and you can't stop me.

Oof, Phantom FG.1 about to ruin somebody's day.