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me getbekkn but stl bsyy life so unexists in soment of world hurah yey

  • [ 01/06/24 ]

Current PFP by @FoxG

thanks!! ( > w < )


"I Despise The Cold Hard Knocks Of War"

  • HMS Warspite's Motto

i talk whimsy, i do whimsy, mind me not, i am but one of many whimsically whimsies of the SP site.

  • me, [ 20/01/24 ]

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[ Carrot APC Chatroom ]

Chii's Simplified Target Ship List


Chii's Structure List


Community Structures


Chii's Part-Efficient Aircrafts [PEA] & @TWDDerSharkmarine's Low-Part Aircrafts [LPA] List


Chii's list of Ideas

(you can throw anything you want to see here, if I find it interesting enough, maybe I'll put it on the list)

PG-13 insults will never not be viciously hilarious

e.g. "shush, depressed polenta.", "mental budget cuts must be hitting hard rn"

  • [ 07-04-24 ]


it is an abbreviation of "Target", a prefix you will see on my Target Ships for ease of spawning!

[ Picture Gallery ]


MN Commandant Teste getting swarmed by two KNM Hauk, Spica-II(but not really), and a late Elco


[ the Great Monarchii monarchy lore ]

yet to be written.

"Long live the Monarchy
Long live our King
For the Nation of Monarchii
We fight and we sing!!"

  • @Speedhunter

  • Secretary of State For War : Earl Ashadin Moyvna Nirveliena (M)

  • First Lord of the Sea : Viscount Belle Advirna Shaygorod (M)

  • Secretary of State for Air : Tanna Viktoriya Volskaya (F)

  • Prime Minister : Lyudvilsk Nolskava Yagrodiy (M)

  • Major General(of the Snowstone Campaign) : Viktor Pyerovska (M)

[ Board of Personal Builds ]

[ HMCS Snowberry (K-166) ]


  • Practical Anti-submarine weaponry
  • Autoaim/Manual Main Gun(+AAA)
  • Low Part, Mobile Friendly

  • [ Link ]

[ Tankrammer M.I-Mars ]


  • simple, low part.
  • satisfying sqweeashy suspension for off-road purposes
  • responsive(for a truck)

  • [ Link ]

[ [PEA] Aerospatiale Gazelle (SA 342M) ]


  • simple construction, very mobile friendly at 80 parts
  • easy to control and easy to fly helicopter
  • 4x Euromissile HOT ATGM for heeheehoohoo purposes

  • [ Link ]

[ Chii's Home Of Archives ]

(I'm still contemplating on adding it, but I mean, the server already exists so...)

I got gold in 13 days lmao

  • [ 04/01/24 ]

guess what?

10k in 25 days baybeeeeee

  • [ 16/01/24 ]

you know it already,

15K in 33 days heh, lemons? 🍋

  • [ 24/01/24 ]

20k in 40 days!! chii-zu!!! 🧀

  • [ 31/01/24 ]

25k in 47 days.. heh.

  • [ 07/02/24 ]

with all that over.. i just wanna say thanks to y'all! cheers, lemons, chii-zu, TAKE ANYTHING YA WANT AWWWW YEEEEEEEEEHHH!!!

30k in 54 days~

  • [ 14/02/24 ]

35k in 61 days!!

(also gonna my first break in a while, yay)

  • [ 21/02/24 ]

back from break!

  • [ 25/02/24 ]

40k ye

  • [ 03/03/24 ]

smol bun of royalty

  • my discord "about me"

Comments I like

Chii Tea!
Can't you see we need Chii Tea for me, we, and thee? I plea!


The tea is pristine,
made for we three,
And if Britannia to displease,
Add a cup o' wee.
The wee will make you seathe,
Seathe due to the pee,
Yellow will be the tea,
For us, me, and we.
And onwards to lead,
To the bathroom you see,
As us, me, and we,
Pour it down the latrine.
The latrine will be,
filled up with wee,
And down the drains we see,
The cup, wee, and tea.
The cup you see,
you will never believe,
on the shelves; colored green,
"6.99, Cup For Tea".

Now you see,
Monarchii is pleased,
With the rhyming from me,
To share for us three.
And to please,
The lad "Monarchii"
The pleasure it may be,
To give thy "art" to thee.

For tea we take a knee
With the honeybee's glee
You see, the leaves of tea
Draw the taste of cat... pee
You need to get a new whimsy dealer.

Omw changing the Carriers pronouns to Was/Were

People say he died of brain hurty-stuff.
He hit himself in his lenis and died.

Chii-zu San


picture in question :

@MonarchiiwithastolenMG Read this on reddit and thought it was funny.
@Yish42 too because why not it's from your province.
"I once watched a tank driven by a likely drunk Quebecois drive straight through a building with people inside while blasting Painkiller.
We couldn't go on joint patrols with the Canucks, because that meant the request had to go back to SOTF-S, up to CJSOTF-A, then over to ISAF, down through all of the Canadians' abbreviations and acronyms, then back up and down the other way, and CJSOTF didn't feel like bothering with all that so we never got joint patrols with the Canadian tankers.
Nobody said anything about QRF, though.
No shit, there I was, Panjwai, 2011. We had been pinned down in a drainage ditch by machine gun fire from a farmhouse, a sentence which describes a sizeable portion of my time in Afghanistan. We radioed for ordnance, higher said no. Someone would have to get rid of the machine guns the old-fashioned way, but as one of us had already been hit we figured it'd best be someone they weren't already shooting at. So we called for QRF.
About a minute later our senior Echo said QRF was ten minutes out. I had no idea who was responding because I did not have a funny green hat which meant I had the luxury of not being in charge. What I did know was that someone nearby was playing Judas Priest and it was getting louder.
Couldn't be the Stryker company, I thought. Their First Sergeant would never let them do fun things like listen to Judas Priest, or leave the wire. Stingy prick. It was then that the music got extremely loud, the machine guns got extremely quiet, and the farmhouse suddenly became a large cloud of dirt with a Leopard 2 in front of it.
The platoon commander explained that his first thought was to shoot at the building, but we were too close and he didn't want to hit us, for which I was rather grateful. He also didn't want to maneuver around to our side of the building, as that might motivate the Taliban forces inside to fire off an RPG which would make his day a lot longer than he wanted it to be. The solution, then, was obvious:
Traverse the turret to six o'clock to avoid bending the gun tube, put the pedal (or whatever a tank's got, I don't know, I was an intel weenie) to the metal, and full fuckin' send it.
And send it he did. Surprisingly, nobody died, and we had about seven EPW to take care of. I say he was likely drunk because their platoon commander liked a finger of whiskey now and again, in that he'd drink one right now, and then do it again. His tank was the one that used the drive-thru window, and I'm 90% sure he was at least slightly intoxicated at the time. We preferred him that way, his accent was easier to understand drunk.

  • @Graingy, i'm lazy to put where its from so when i rmeyimbr it smthing

@Majakalona In other words, @Monarchii and I revolutionized the community, opening a new window of little explored opportunities until 2022. Thanks to PEA, new players and builders have emerged to fill a void in the community

@Monarchii hey, last night i had a weird dream about you're CHASING ME ENDLESSLY in this Warspite form lol

I am a moron, I tagged myself.

  • @TheMouse, in somewhere somewhen in some unlisted post, officially one of my favorite quotes of mine now lmao

"Don’t forget that what is gay in civilian life is considered brotherhood in the Army. And what is considered gay in the Army is brotherhood in the Marines. And what is considered gay in the Marines is brotherhood in the Navy. What is considered gay in the Navy is illegal in civilian life.”

art stuff


  • me implementing my understanding of shading gradually(theoretical and practice is different, you can see how here), if you are confused how shading works, think of it like "I AM LIGHT I SEE AND I SHINE and where I don't then is dark." and that genuinely made it easy to understand shading


traced art of my Risquera-class Armed Trawler, from and for the [ Shootin Trawlin Trawlers ] vid.

thoughts about Graingy?

i like the whimsical martian sand, very intriguing how he talks.. puzzling? maybe, but i like the whimsy energy he brings around thouh.. truly one of the leading SP Whimsies he is!


this is me according to @Graingy(truly a marvellous artistic rendition by him also)


I am a Trigger-Happy Arsonist Lemon-kissing Pandafrog, I quite like how it sounds, heh, pandafrog

i have eaten bamboo shoots and i can have bamboo shoots.. it shoots you with a 9mm from a glocko, sometimes a .45 variant may appear and a distant eagle screech can be heard along with the chant "muh two world wars"

Rendition of the Eldritch AK-wielding leg-munching anime girl, Liaru; by @Graingy


Challenges i hab entered

I will reciprocate your energy.

  • if you are whimsy, guess what? IM WHIMSY TOO!!
  • if you are serious about stuff, i will answer and mirror your seriousness.
  • if you use Google translate, i answer with words google translate understand.
  • if you are an ashholey-baloney.. i will mirror you with my thoughts placed on top of it(might be true, might be not, depends on the subject; tackling it headfirst is my way of knowing you and why you do.)
  • I'm gonna be an asshole if you're annoying, don't tell me i didn't warn you.

I will offer you lemons.

if i deem you worthy of such.. whimsy!! LEMONS!! 🍋🍋

if you wanna know something, or interested in what I do, ask away! don't be intimidated, introduce yourself whimsically! (e.g. do you want lemons? 🍋)

Simplicity Leads!!

for only a fool don't want to spawn definitely-not-too-much amounts of builds ingame! HAH!!

I've returned, that is all i can say, it's a bit hard to tell but in short, a lot of stuff had happened and the erasure of my account is what had happened as a result in my fit of just how many chaos that happened among all other things.. but I've returned, and.. I SHALL LEAVE THE SIMPLE WAYS OF MINE!! (not really but.. ahh you'll see.)

pin of shame(of me, bah? BAH!)


  • [ 06/03/24 ]

MonarchiiwithastolenMG is a name that is a bit/skit I was doing once upon a time lmao, link to where it started :3

Previously known as Monarchii, MonarchiiwithastolenMG