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Hello there, people of the internet!

My name is StallFlight! I'm Dutch and, like everyone in this community, i love aviation, and pretty much everything that has wheels on it.. I've only been building aircraft and vehicles for a short time, but i'm willing to learn and find my role in the community.
I found this game looking for airplane games when i was younger. Since I was unexperienced with SimplePlanes, and aircraft physics all together, I could NOT maks my airplanes fly, and i deleted it.
Years later, I would find the same game, but with more experience. At this point I was way more familiar with airplanes and aviation, and I started building airplanes.

TLDR; I make decent pl0ns and vehicles


I like memes
I like cars (i can now officially say i've raced a Go-Kart!)
I like planes (duh)
I'm somewhat decent at music production
Planning to go to flight school :D

Current Projects

I'm not very good at updating this.


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That's all! Thanks for reading.