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Official funk master of SimplePlanes

Overload - In designer XML modding

DesignerSuite - Orthographic Designer, Blueprint comparison, Attachment Editor

Advanced Targeting - Bomb predictor and lead indicator

Underwater Camera

Air to Air Refueling

Metric Conversion

EngineOut - output car engine to rotator


Time Warp - speed up time

Any personally identifiable information, such as your real name, address, phone number or any other contact information.
- Mod

Has he even hit puberty yet?
- Tully

Tully's from the north you see, so you must excuse his biological misconceptions.

- Med

Actually I’m from the midlands, not the north. There’s a difference.
- Tully

Yes, it's north of the M4. That's north.

Just because you're good at computers doesn't mean you're good at geography
- Tully

I'll have you know I took geography for GCSE! and probably didn't fail it, I mean I finished the papers what could go wrong

I don’t know WNP, did you colour outside the lines?
- Tully