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Hello. I have been interested in planes and aviation all my life. Then I found SimplePlanes for free on the Amazon Underground. It was a lot of fun, learning the concepts of aerodynamics by just messing around, while learning about different methods of building. But then, I signed up. I signed up to share my creations with the world, hoping they wouldn’t sink into the pile of crap planes. It was good, for a while, and then came the problem. My account was not cleared by email. At the time I really didn’t know what this was. So I tried a bunch of fake accounts, hoping they would work. None of them did. And so, for what seemed like years, I found myself in a mess of forgotten passwords and emails I felt like I couldn’t get out of. One more year went by, and my Kindle went on the fritz. I had to do a factory restart. Lost every single plane I have ever downloaded and built. ( Goodbye, A-5 Tiger) 🥺 and so, for another year, or so it felt like, I didn’t play. Then I got my IPhone and found the app on the AppStore and got it. There I was, starting over again. Learning the methods and downloading planes. I still wasn’t sharing them with the world though. I felt as though I would never get to. Then, something clicked and I figured it out, legitimately.
And so, here I am, sharing my several creations with the world, and happy about it!