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Train Storage but Cooler [Power]

104k RailfanEthan  3.5 years ago


so uh, as some of you have noticed, I do keep track of all my trains I've uploaded, which is more than a 100. Quite a lot of choo choos.

With the addition of magnets in 1.8, we can now mix rolling stock and locomotives. With that being said, I present to you a Train Storage 2.0, this one is for magnet related builds only. It goes by train type, then by railroad. All locomotives have the same controls as the original post, except 6 is the magnets. This may be 7 on some.


How it works:
1. Spawn as a locomotive on a supported map.
2. Move locomotive forward or reverse accordingly, giving enough space for the desired train length.
3. Spawn in any train under the category Rolling Stock. This includes boxcars, coaches, flatbeds, etc.
4. Depending on the locomotive's activation group, activate the magnet. General AG's are 7, some may be set to 6.
5. Approach the cars slowly, under 10mph.
6. Once connected, drive in the desired direction. Be gentle on corners, to avoid a derailment.


Compatible Maps
-destroyerP's Railway Mod
-TrainDude's Simple Planes Railway
-Kakhikotchauri1's kakhis railway map
-Kakhikotchauri1's zerolag railway


#####You can get rolling stock here


Locomotives (Power. Electric, steam, gas/diesel)
Atlantic Shoreline 100 (current day here )


GP38 200 (Bicentennial)


-Belfast and Moosehead Lake
70 Ton Green

-Burlington Northern
GP38 x2
GP38-2.0 single

Interurban Car

-Canadian National
GP7 Black
GP7 Green

Fairmont M-19

-Disney World Railroad
Walt E Disney

-Grand Trunk / Grand Trunk Western
ALCo S4 (blue+red)
ALCo S4 (black+red)

-Maine Central
4-6-2 470 (smoke trails version here )
GP38-2 single
GP38-2 triple
Fairmont M-19

Fairbanks Morse
EF-1 Boxcabs
GP38-2 Single and triple
Fairmont M-19
Hiawatha 1

-Oshawa Railway
Steeplecab 300

Interurban Car (coaches can be found here

70 Ton

-Union Pacific
Fairmont M-19

Engine 250


-Generic/No Road Name
Budd RDC
Steeple Cab
F7a Single
Plymouth ML-8 1976
Plymouth ML-8 Green
Plymouth ML-8 Blue
Plymouth ML-8 Red
ALCo S4 Reskinner Template
GP7 Reskinner Template
4-6-2 Reskinner Template
GE 70 Ton Yellow

Unnamed/Generic Light Rail
Interurban Red
Red Tiny Streetcar
Yellow Tiny Streetcar
Green Tiny Streetcar


I highly recommend you check out and use other player built rolling stock.
You can try them out here.

Make sure you have the maps installed!

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    That would be perfection

    2.7 years ago
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    @Avro683Lancaster take a look at the frames. It's 0.5 blocks from the frame, idk what it is from the ground

    3.3 years ago
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    What is the standard height of the coupling magnets?

    3.3 years ago
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    11.2k shipster

    Hahaha, 50 C is 120 ish Fahrenheit! Haha @Ariathe

    3.4 years ago
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    7,833 Ariathe

    @shipster Profusely sweating Heck, I meant Fahrenheit, no clue why I said Celsius

    3.4 years ago
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    11.2k shipster

    Say what now? Are you familiar with the centigrade system?? @Ariathe

    3.4 years ago
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    7,833 Ariathe

    But how cool is it? Because 50 degrees Celsius starts to get a little too chilly for me.
    Nice list O' many choo choos!

    3.4 years ago
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    5,240 CDRxavier

    I need a 500 part or less build
    Care to find one?

    3.4 years ago
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    @CDRxavier ?

    3.4 years ago
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    made march 25, 2019
    sweet beans

    +5 3.5 years ago