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Planes are my game in life.


A little about me

I am a British, Autistic, 16-year old that is in Year 11 at high school.
I am also currently training to get my Private Pilot's Licence.
I am in the RAF Air Cadets too.

Here is a picture of me:

I do aim to make my planes accessible TO EVERYONE NO MATTER OF WHAT DEVICE THEY USE!! :3

Here is an image of the aircraft I fly in most commonly (G-SACT):

'Founder of Lightning Aircraft Industries'

A little about Lightning Aircraft Industries:

The British Company, Lightning Aircraft Industries (LAI) was founded in 1936 as an aircraft manufacturer. The first line of aircraft that were made was for the RAF or Royal Navy in WW2. It made many successful aircraft like the TA-78 Air Shark. After the end of WW2, the company moved to mostly making civilian aircraft, but would continue to make military aircraft as well. The company is still in service today and will continue to make aircraft for decades to come.

(Note: the company 'Lightning Aircraft Industries is a fictional aircraft manufacturer, so don't think that it's real)