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Gonna be less active due to school coming back. Maybe one upload every one/two weeks.

Hey, everyone. I'm a.... a human that plays simpleplanes. It was the next best option other than war thunder and COD. I love to build prop planes (as you can see below) I am a extreme aviation nerd and I specialize in making military-grade aircraft with high performance statistics. I, honestly don't take life seriously, I just meet people's expectations and play video games.

I love photography!~

Proud member of the SP Masterchat.

New-era jet air fleet progress:

Discord: Mostly #2368

r0bl0x: mostlyboss

You can find me on War Thunder as: PineappleCannon
-Enemy shoots off wing-
Radio: YoU HaVe A hOLe In YoUr LeFt WiNg!!

Thank you, community for all the support!

My favorite song, because the guessing thing way way too disambiguous