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Hey, everyone. I'm a.... a human that plays simpleplanes. It was the next best option other than war thunder and COD. I love to build prop planes (as you can see below)

I'm just an ordinary teen from Georgia. I have been taught three languages, one of which I am currently garbage at. College is almost around the corner for me and my classmates (oh boy). I build stuff in my free time, which, fortunately I have a lot of. I like sports and video games. I especially like track, mainly because my legs cover pretty much 70% of my whole body. Yeah. Now you're thinking what I look like. Anyways, enjoy my builds, and have a great day.

I love photography!~

Proud member of the SP Masterchat.

Discord: Mostly #2368

You can find me on War Thunder as: PineappleCannon

I'd like to thank this accepting and amazing community, it's more social and motivative than any other, and it's really helped me vent for the past few months.

My favorite song, because the guessing thing way way too disambiguous