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  • Messerschmitt ME-262 711 1.2 years ago


  • Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D-9 1.1 years ago

    Oh my it's really good

  • Brenda MK-IV 1.2 years ago

    Cool I like it

  • Douglas C-47 Skytrain 1.3 years ago

    Very good build as always :)

  • Junkers Ju-87B Stuka 1.4 years ago

    Die schwarzen Vögel ziehen hoch über Land und Meer und wo sie erscheinen da fliegen die Feinde vor ihnen her sie lassen jäh sich fallen vom Himmel tiefbodenwärts sie schlagen die ehrenden Krallen dem Gegner mitten ins herz
    Wir sind die schwarzen Husaren der Luft die stukas die stukas die stukas

  • Fokker Blauer Vogel 1.5 years ago

    Its very stable during flight,one of the best plane i have flown You should win the Challenge

  • Bomb SQUAD 10 months ago

    For some reason every time I try to save it the game crashes :/

  • AS-AC-10 1.2 years ago


  • Heinkel He 200 "Adler" 1.2 years ago

    @Shippy456 thank you I'll try to

  • Heinkel He 200 "Adler" 1.2 years ago

    Thank you all for the upvotes this post really blew up for me

  • Heinkel He 200 "Adler" 1.2 years ago

    @CRJ900Pilot thanks

  • B-24 Liberator 1.4 years ago

    Cool a few days ago i was looking for a liberator but most of them where around 300-1500 parts wich is way to much for my Phone and then i saw your plane and i finally found one that dosent lag when i fly it

  • Polikarpov U-2 (Po-2) 1.4 years ago

    How the Frick can this plane have 1367 parts??? Its only a biplane

  • Ju-87 G-1 Stuka 1.5 years ago

    Wow pretty detailed but only 444 parts good Job

  • F-104 Starfighter 1.5 years ago

    @ThePilotDude hmm interesting, and the funny Thing is that in the street it crashed is now where my friend lives and when i told him that a Jet crashed next to His House a Long Time ago He was Like "WHAT NO WAY"

  • F-104 Starfighter 1.5 years ago

    I live in Germany and my dad Said that when He was 3-5 years old a Starfighter Jet in our Village crashed sorry for my Not so good english

  • Pz. Kpfw. VI Tiger Ausf. B 1.7 years ago

    This Tank is WAY too much for my Phone but I'am still upvoting because it looks good