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WARNING, before reading on, know this:

Also i'm not really as active as I used to be, maybe i'll get back to it one day but for now i'm just bored with it all.

Welcome to my bio, i'm KingDeadshot, or KDS for short. I like to build whatever comes to mind so I have a lot of random stuff here. I like to help new users and have a bit of fun along the way. I do XML mod kits and other things too. Let the bio speak for itself. :P If you see me on discord or MP, then hello there. I like to make strange and unique mod kits that anyone can use. I like to interact with the community and have a good time with everyone. :)


(Ignore the Kracken and Maywar if you are on mobile devices)


Jet engine kit
Prop engine kit
General modded parts kit (random)

Builds i'm most proud of,

SS-22 SpaceRobin
F 68 Ghost

Curent projects,

Building a Spy plane, very early in devolpment and idk how this is going to go.

Advice for new users:

-If you are a PC/android user, download the mods Overload, Fine Tuner
and some background mods. These are really helpful.
-Be patient and active, commenting, on others creations and forum posts is part of it, don't expect to get 20 upvotes off the bat.
-honest feedback, lots of users love honest criticism over just a simple "I like" and would like if you downloaded as well.

Public MP server (you'll find me here probably if i'm playing online):

Other games I like to play:
Battlefield 1
Forza Horizon 3,
Halo 5,
Civilization 5,

See ya in the skies! :)