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Bio updated March 26th, 2020!

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Current Status: kind of active again yeet

I’m pretty active on the website, but I don’t upload much

"What could go wrong?"
-our motto

Just a guy who likes to make planes and stuff. I play Birds of Steel, War Thunder (BoS but prettier and with tanks), various Fallout games, a couple old games on my PS1, and mInEcRaFt. I mostly make WWII style fighters/bombers/whatever and airliners. It's not hard to find me on the upvote list on something, my name is usually the longest one there.
My SimpleLandia citizen number is 000080.
And now, a quote from a French dude on France:
"How can you govern a country which has two-hundred and forty six varieties of cheese?"
-Charles DeGaulle

Democratic Socialist Republic of Baychaven in SPRP Simplilania

-a thicc tank
-a wwi type tank
-a wehraboo tunguska
-100% not a Bf-109 what are you talking about

-an StG-45 knockoff

-someone tell me why this text is so big I actually want to know please send help now


I am the Director of the International Company.
About my company
The International Company is a large corporation mainly involved in manufacturing of civilian and military vehicles. It is also the parent company of many others, including International Airlines, in whose livery many of our planes are shown, and the International Shipping Company, which is in charge of the shipment and distribution of goods and passengers by rail, road, and ship.

List of popular SP memes (2015-2018)
2015: rick, ?
2016: also rick, ?
2017: worms,?
2018: b a n a n , ?