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Deal with trolls silently and unceremoniously.

Dunking on trolls is feeding the trolls.

Making public warnings about trolls is feeding the trolls.

Shut them down as silently as possible.

Fun Fact: If flown properly, an unmodified Wasp can complete the Sandsift Drift course in 1:40, exactly one second faster than the El Diablo opponent. This time, from brake release to the final checkpoint, also happens to be the exact time between the first and last notes of Two Steps From Hell's "Dragon Rider".

I've played SimplePlanes pretty much continuously since v1.0. Figured I'd finally make an account on the website after all these years.

I'm currently in my sophomore year of college, so building stuff has not been a priority for me for about two years now, but I'm still around.

iPad: v1.0 - v1.10
PC: v1.10 - Current

Found on MP from time to time as HuskyDynamics